Team power based events


Well i advise the same strat until a player has 40 maxed 4s, 15 maxed 5s, and nothing left but dupes to level up(exact situation i’m in)

And the point of the OP was to make it easier to compete for players that dont spend to compete


I have 1 maxed Hotm Darke
Got 2^60 Aegir … no scopes to raise him.
Of 5☆ I gave maxed Lianna
And 2^60 horgall & 2^1 justice thats it.


Power limits and special skills

Pokémon GO had a similar idea with live PvP and a similar problem, they fixed it by revamping- not balancing but actually changing the special skills by adding additional sub effects- to the most powerful classic 3* / 4* heroes from Legendary training ( RT20 ).

Change Kelile’s special so it additionally adds a defense buff to counter Grimm’s defense debuff. That is a PvP based example but the same idea could be applied to PvE


( camera pans across a small mole hill. Zoom in tight. A tiny weathered sandstone headstone. “But free resets encourage playful, creativity, quirky builds. And fun. It encourages fun”. A wind soaked in 2*+15 and 3*+15 tears moans doleful across the mound )

Personally I would like this idea of restrictive Power levels even better if it encouraged using emblems on 1*- 3* heroes but that dream requires free emblem resets.


currently my highest is 143 so almost hit the top 100


thanx for all the positive input guys there are a lot of ways they could set handcaps in the power levels also. the trials show how much one had to think outside the box when their full roster is not at their disposal, building on that gives some really interesting options for weekly and daily events. appreciate all the positive feedback as the one thing that irritates people in this game the most of all is feeling stuck. with adding events across all power levels could really keep people on their toes