Team power based events

So the current event system is set up with rare epic and legendary. as we all have seen this makes it nearly impossible for any FTP players to recieve any good loot from these events.

If they use the same tier structure but make it three rounds of say 2500, 3500, 4k+. all players in the game have the same litmitations and it would improve the moral of a large sum of the community.

players of all levels would now see an actual chance of placing in the top of events or have a much easier time prepping a team for said power range.

their is a fine line between expecting people to be patient and making something seem unachievable and no one wants to keep watching the same people take everything off the leaderboard for months on end.

The success of the trials shows this formula works and would put new life into the game for all players. all feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Let me get this straight: You are saying that people should see challenges that are TAILORED for their power, instead of all players seeing the same challenges?
In that case, I totally agree. Also, how do I make a post? New to the forum and on mobile atm.

Forum home page, top right should be a +New Topic you can tap…if you’re not seeing it, you maybe haven’t been a forum member long enough to be granted that yet.

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You’ve just created one :wink:

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OH lol Duh! I thought he meant start a new thread or something!

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There are topics and replies and both are post(ing)s…

Would be nice to fight at least bosses, which are matching the players team power. Could be hard though.

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Event tiers are already divided into team power caps.

You wont find a 4k team competing in Epic event tiers.

And i’m 99% positive f2p have ranked in events before, think @Xero786 mentioned a f2p player that beat him before. Which if f2p save flasks and battle items, really isnt much reason they cant compete. Just have to put in more time, strategy, and patience which is a big part of every other aspect of the game for f2p as well.

Also we have raid events still coming that already sound like they’ll have more stipulations than current challenge events and will happen more often, but you already know this.

And most f2p are fine with not having a competitive edge. Everyone knows the game is free to play but pay to compete. F2p players enjoy the same gameplay as p2p but p2p have a competitive edge due to spending which is not surprising and is completely acceptable.

This idea of yours sounds more like a grasp at straws due to your own lack of ability to compete with your rainbow teams…

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Its already broken up. 3 star heroes, then 4 star, then 5 star. And unless you have stacks on stacks of battle items and a stash of world energy bottles or pay for world energy, you dont have a chance anyway.


everyone in our alliances notices how much fun the trials are due to the limitations. in old MMOs were u could delevel for dying people could make “twinks” for specific battlefield ranges. with a power level rating people would have to think about their set up as they wouldnt be able to run a team unless it was in said power level range. this would give people with duplicate characters a reasom to use them for certain events and only work them to a certain tier thus cresting a nice set of brackets for all to compete in. just because some people are FTP doesnt mean they dont wanna compete, and i feel this would be a healthy alternative. im hoping the new quests work in this manner.

the more aspects of the game everyone feels they are making progress in the better the community.

I have no problems competeing in any bracket, war, or event finish and place in most. this is just an idea swung sround the alliance wanted see how other people thought about it. thanks for your input

This proposal is a little different than the Challenge Events. If I were tasked to come up with the best team <4000 power, I might want to use a few 5* and a 3* (e.g. Brienne), rather than just using 5*. I might want to use a 5* at 3/70. It certainly raises some interesting possibilities.

Perhaps this idea will find its way into the new Raid Challenges.


Best team under 4k wouldnt mean the best mono 4* team that people already use in epic?

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Whats the highest you’ve ranked?

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Maybe not. I probably would replace a 4/70 Grimm with a 3/70 Athena. A 3/70 Evelyn in an otherwise 4* green stack would be a huge help.

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Creating a place in the game that incentivized using partially leveled heroes would be interesting, especially unmaxed HOTM. It might motivate people to get duplicates to keep one at 3-70 and max another, which could both motivate more summoning, and give bigger spenders something to do with duplicates. Hmm.


How would that help f2p?

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Lots of folks complain about the lack of 4* mats. Let’s put those 5* 3/70 to good use!


But p2p have more 3/70 5s than f2p

I have 5 alasie, 3 are leveled, 1 4/80/2, 2 3/70, same with drakes and zims

Who knows how many dupe 5* spenders have leveled

But we can certainly say it’s probably a higher number than f2p(example @Rook has never recieved a hotm, @Brobb has like 2, @Jedon has 0 i believe)


Hmm, maybe. The advice i have consistently given and followed is not to start a 5* in training unless youve got the mats to finishnit. I do have a few owing to changes in plans, but not many.

In any case, im not really concerned if it helps F2P in particular; i just think it would be an interesting twist.


I’m inclined to think incentivizing usage of 3-70 5* would benefit P2P more than F2P.

Someone with multiple strong heroes at 3-70 to choose from would have an advantage. And someone who had duplicates could even choose to keep an extra of strong heroes at 3-70 indefinitely to compete each time. Those are both more likely for someone who’s summoning a fair amount.

F2P that have few or no HOTM or 5* are unlikely to want to keep them at 3-70 indefinitely for an event, and may not have the other heroes to round out such a team when they happen to have a good hero at 3-70 while waiting on mats.

But as @Kerridoc said, it could be an interesting game addition. Just not one likely to help F2P in particular.


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