Team position for assault

Hi everyone¡¡

I am trying to get over 1200 thropies, but I do not know if my heroes positions are the best.

From left to right my team is: Belith (3* green), Gafar (4* purple), Scarlett (4* red), Bane (3* yellow) and Ulmer (3* Blue)

My defense team is the same.

What do you think? Any suggestion?

P.S. I only have Gafar(purple), Scarlett (red) and Kelile (red) as 4* star heroes. But I have all 3* heroes, so you can suggest another hero for my team.

Thanks in advance¡¡¡

Have your heroes maxed level & special skills?

You could want your most durable hero in the central position and whilr Gafar isn’t exactly a tank it is more suited than Scarlett for that.

If you manage to get a healer with good defensive stats you could use him as central hero, putting Gafar and Scarlett near him.

For attacking you should try with a more color oriented team, trying to use tank’s weak color.

ever tried this?

Great to compare the stats…

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Thanks Sorsha¡¡

All my 3* star heroes are maxed in level and special skills, and my 4* star heroes have maxed their special skill , but i need upgrade items for the last step.

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Then Id say to use this formation for your defense:
Valen - Scarlett - Friar Tuck - Gafar - Bane

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Thanks @FraVit93¡¡ And how about attack? any suggestion?

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This could vary by attacked teams but Id say to always keep Gafar.
Double or triple tank’s weak color, try to use fast heroes and bring 1 or 2 healers.

You can, for example, have this team: Gafar - Scarlett - Belith - Bane - Valen
and swapping the weak color with a strong one (vs the tank) as:

Tyrum VS Kailani - no attacking Bane
Balthazar VS Bane - no attacking Bane
Hawkmoon VS Friar Tuck - no attacking Belith but bringing Tyrum

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Why do you use Tuck as tank ?
Arent the 3/60 4* more durable ?

Scarlett doesn’t have enough defense and if you’ll attack by doubling yellows you’ll use bane, posibly making Gafar’s special highly ineffective

@FraVit93, when you suggest me that team

is it mean that Belith is placed in the middle as a tank?

And sorry but I am too noob, so I do not understand this

Tyrum VS Kailani - no attacking Bane

Nah, man… ther’s no tank while attacking, even if you could place heroes to exploit AI’s targets by placing frail heroes near the middle and increasing the chance of making AI waste 3-target specials on only 1 hero.

AI does not follow attacker’s rules and uses no tiles but, like map’s mobs, slashing attacks.
Belith in this case were only a attacking hero and not a tank.

With “no attacking Bane” I were only saying to replace him with Tyrum, changing a weak color to a strong one vs a yellow tank :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks a lot¡¡¡¡

Is there a way to block attacks? Sometimes I see the message ‘miss’ on one of heroes. How does it happen?

Several specials give a miss chance.

For example Bane will blind opponents and Wu Kong gives a huge attack bonus but a 33% miss chance to.

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