Team points are broken, your algothims are broken, your match making is broken

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What are you doing? Our teams have been worth more points for weaker ones. Some how they have a lower team score but there players are well higher levels. Yet there score for defeating their teams are all weak. How can you win fighting up when the points are not even equal? How are you basing these points that each team is worth? Also the way your allocating thr war score is completely off. The biggest should be off the first 5 strongest period, because that’s the deffence, then adjust for losses. But these are all way stronger then All of us and their war points are way lower yet we lost our last 2 wars this will make 3. I could forgive all that if the points on the field where equal to the dam team scores, but they are not. I hope I’m giving you enough screen shots to display this, but this is what’s making everyone so angry. For bloody sake a 4000 team is worth way less points to a 3500 on our side. Explination is needed!!! But back to losses top 100 teams loosing to top 100 teams should drop there score so much they are fighting an alliance in the bottom tier. So what ever you are trying to do isn’t coming out in your algorithms. So please give explanations, because these people’s 4th teams are able to score more points then most people’s 1st teams.

To at least answer your question about how points work: points for a team in War are based on percentage of the total hp of all teams on that side. The field in total is worth 1500 points.

So the point value for a given team won’t be the same on each side. It effectively depends on how much it varies from the average hp of each team.

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That’s what they do. Top 30 heroes with more emphasis on the top 5. Not sure how much more emphasis, but there is more.

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As I see everything is working as intended. Several threads give info on how wars work.

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