*Team Players Needed for The Byzantine Empire*

The Byzantine Empire are looking for strong hard hitting daily players to join our very friendly alliance. Team Level 3k and 800 Trophies minimum with participation in all titans and wars a must.

We sadly made a decision to let go of some players due to inactivity as we want to continue growing and winning.

We are selective for a reason, we want dedicated daily players as we work closely as a team!

Come and say hello for a warm welcome or ask me for more details on how to meet our happy team, I reckon you’ll find your new home right here with us!

We also have a wide range of knowledge to help you grow :sunglasses:

Hi, I am relatively new to the game but am at 1631 trophies and lvl 28 right now. What do i need to do?

Hello Mxi1979, welcome!!

Go onto the game, search for The Byzantine Empire and click join. It will send an invite to our team leaders.

I look forward to greeting you there :wink:


You will see this team so you know you are at the right place :wink:

We are an established team, you would be our 27 member and we have a lovely family feel to our team.

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