Team Numbering

Hi guys,
since last update my hero overview shows incorrect team numbers at the top of the hero.

How to reproduce it?
Choose any five heroes to set Team 1, skip Team 2 (leave it empty), set up Team 3. Save your changes, take a look at your hero overview. Heroes are showing a 2 instead of a 3 at the top of the hero.

Do you have any screenshots?

Actually wanted to add a screen record first. But I couldnt find it o.O

Here are some pics

Yep, looks like an issue :confused:


I actually have a different issue but somewhat about hero set. I have my 3rd team as default team for PvE. Whenever I play the new quest for legendary hero tokens and switch back to regular quest, it switch my default back to the first team set up.

It happens twice already. I finished the first quest and went to play daily quest. My default team switch to the first one. I had to switch the team back to the 3rd one. Then I went to play the new quest again and went back to another regular quest, again the team switch back to the 1st team instead of what I have selected as the 3rd team.

Does anyone use a team rather than the first team for PvE?

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I had the same thing happen to me. My team 1 is my upgrade team, my usual map team is team 2, but after fighting ToL, the default returned to team 1.

Iā€™m having the same issue. Since the update my titan team keeps changing to my raid team. Having to reset a titan battle is super frustrating

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