Team Notifications - Push Notifications For Offline Members for War and Titans

In regards to war & titans, I read where the in-game private messaging is unlikely.

However… I think that it would be great for leaders/co-leaders to be able to send “push” notifications to all within the alliance.

This type off push notification would be subject to the users personal phone/tablet push settings, so if a user did not want this type of thing to bother them, they could turn it off.


Next to “Settings” button in the Alliance Screen for War & Titans, Make an [ALERT] button.
A pop-up: “Are you sure you really want to send a notification to the whole alliance? Y/N

TITANS User Clicks “YES” and a broadcast notification is sent that states
“[Alliance] support needed for the [Titan Name], [HIT POINTS], HH:MM left.”

WAR User Clicks “Yes” for the following message:
“[Alliance] support needed in War! You have [# Flags] Remaining”


Limit the broadcast to 4 per day, to allow 2 titan and 2 war broadcasts.
If a user tries the fifth time, it simply grays out the button.

Additional Options

Could also add a “notify” button in the “settings” Tab.
When alliance description is changed, click the “Notify”
The push notification would send out “[Alliance] has altered the description”

@Petri @Sara This could be a simple way around the whole alliance messaging thing, that could be unobtrusive if the user chooses not to be bothered.

Also add it with option to choose which notifications from a game you wanted to get. Because obviously lots of people turn off notifications because of lots of rubbish like “someone attacked you”. So if everyone can choose from “alliance notifications” “titan notifications” “war notifications” “raids notifications” and turn notifications which he need only - then a lot more people will turn on notifications and your idea will be even more useful.
Also good to add war notifications at all. Because there are notifications about new titan but not about war start or second round start. Also good to add notification when titan energy is recovered like world energy notification.


Give the ability to members of an alliance to send a notification to another member letting them know to either hit the titan or to use their flags in wars.


I was thinking something the same like this but also slightly different.
Would be nice if persons can turn on/off notifications they deem worthy.

For me personally the notification: free summon available is not something that makes me drop everything to log on.
But I like the notification: new titan has appeared.

Things I can think of that members can toggle on or off are:

  • War has started
  • Tournament flags are available
  • New trail has appeared
  • New special quest (Morlovia i.e.) has appeared
  • Half way time of titan is there (11 hours into titan)
  • Titan loot (I don’t mind if I have it, will still be there when I log on)

Maybe even make it so that people can choose to receive the notice 5/10 minutes before the event will take place.

Any additions in what you would be able to control any pushmessages on?


Those are really great. I would like to see as the leader a way to reach members not responding to chat. This would help us control actions behind chat. I don’t like KICKING members out for not participating but we do so we can compete. Maybe just a HEY YOU THERE or something. Thanks in advance.


It would be nice if there was a way the developers could do this so clan leaders could send a nudge notification to offline members to remind them to hit in War.

Do you think its possible for the Devs to be able to do this ? Kind of like when im offline and i get a notification by the game that a building is complete.

It would be nice if they could implement something like this and also to get players attentions that arent in the chat, as sometimes they are online and they dont always read the chat.

What other ways could the developers do something like this maybe. Anyone have any other ideas ?

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Why did they move my topic in here ? Im starting to hate this forum already.

No use moving a new topic into a topic thats over 1 year old, useless moderators.

Because the thread was revived by someone else… it hardly matters that the thread is old, you are still asking for the same thing. Did you search the forum before posting your idea?

And I would ask you to be more polite, as per the forum rules. The moderators do an enormous amount of work, in their free time, without reimbursement. The least you can do to thank them is to be polite. And it would give people a better impression of you as well.

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Yes i searched 3 times with different words as well.

Funny… I just did a search and found multiple threads on the topic.

Its a good thing the moderators do such a fantastic job merging similar threads and finding one from Oct 2018 (that’s less than 1 year old). “Useless?” - hardly!

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Thanks for letting me knoe

There is 1 thing i dont like with notification, it don’t works when your game is completely closed…
It only works when your game is semi-open. thing that i never do…

So are the devs working on this or not really something they really care about ?

With 11 votes in 10 months, I doubt it. It would be really helpful for engagement, though. Folks who would be annoyed by it probably don’t want to be in an alliance anyway. Seems like a no brainer to help teams who don’t care to carry the baggage of Line/Discord just to tag people during these events.

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I would LOVE to see more options for push notifications (to turn on or off certain ones) including a notification for a chat message or a way for leaders/coleaders to rally members against a titan or war, or before being booted for being inactive. I would much rather get an alliance chat notification over a “so and so” raided me notification.
I want to keep the animosity I get from this game. I don’t want a separate chat platform just to communicate with alliance members that would include giving out my personal # or name. :heart:


I want a push notification option for the rare quest when it pops. I’ve missed it on more than one occasion because of work and not knowing it was up.

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