Team Nine: Train Together, Grow Together

Introducing Team Nine

:metal:Team Nine is a worldwide alliance looking for Beginners and Enthusiasts. Train together and grow together. Join Team Nine today!
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:vulcan_salute:Team Nine is a TRAINING alliance looking to grow. We accept individual players or welcome an existing team that would like to merge into our alliance.

Team Nine is led by a veteran leadership team with years of E&P expertise. Wondering which is the best hero to level up or which building to level up first? Our veteran leadership can offer valuable input on the best way to proceed.


-Assist the team by attacking Titans.

-3 days of inactivity or 3 missed Titans in a row may result in being removed.

-If you check participate in wars, we do ask you use all your attacks.

-Zero trophy requirement/Open group.


-Worldwide. Our alliance consists of English speaking players from across the globe.

-We are taking down 4* titans

-Our players range from Level 1 to Level 75.

-Team Nine is a part of the Team Ten Family of Alliances.

-We have a group LINE chat but LINE is NOT REQUIRED. And if you do use LINE you get access to a wealth of knowledge of all the players in the Team Ten Family of Alliances.


If you have questions, contact the leader of Team Ten Family of Alliances on Line. NCArcticwolf

Team Nine is growing and we want you. We are open to teams that want to merge into our team. Or if u are an individual player looking for a home, plaease give Team Nine a look.

Thank you

Team Nine…a great place to grow…a great place to hone your skills…we want you :star_struck:

Looking for a solid alliance to call home? Team Nine…

We are an active group looking for new members or even a team to merge into our team. Top tier leadership…Line chats available etc.

Check out Team Nine today

(a Team Ten family of alliances Team) :slight_smile:

Are you still looking? Would you consider a merge? If so, please message me at:

Ice Saber

Part of a small family of alliances looking to fill. Fun, active, experienced.

Hey @Ice_Saber absolutely we r still looking…would love to have u check us out if u r still looking…thanks and peace

New to E&P? Want to maximize your game experience? Check out Team Nine today…:slight_smile:

We are growing and want u to grow with us. Experienced leadership from veteran players. Check out Team Nine today.

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