Team Meta ideas

Work with me here, I’m envisioning an idea for static team bonuses based on team compositions.

Help me brainstorm it out.

Correspond an element to a stat.

Blue-Mana Generation
Yellow-Healing Received

2/3/(4,5) Red/Purple - 6/10/12% bonus all heroes
2/3/(4,5) Green - 12/18/21% bonus all heroes
2/3/(4,5) Yellow/Blue - 3/5/6% bonus all heroes

1/1/1/1/1. The rainbow.

All heroes have 4% increased attack/defense 6% Hit points, and 3% mana generation/healing.

Thoughts? Ideas?

I left Crit out because it doesn’t fit defense well.

With as much power creep as we have already, with costumes, emblems, new event heroes and season 3 heroes, I don’t think we really need any more bonuses, unless you’re planning on applying them only to TC20 heroes.

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That’s a good idea actually.

I was thinking that the bonus hitting diminishing returns on monos it would incentive diversity in teams.

I’ve been trying to find ways to keep TC20 heroes relevant and capable of handling the upcoming season 3 stuff

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Yeah, outside of costumes this really might not be a bad idea applied only to S1 TC20s. 3* and 4* with extra bonuses added early on to new players? Huge help.

Tbh this would be an interesting dynamic for tournaments, but wouldn’t want to see it rolled out across the board.

Exactly. As things stand, the rate of power creep is such that a new F2P starting now has virtually no chance to eventually catch up and be able to compete at a high level (top 100 alliance, top 100 finish in challenge events, etc) no matter how much they grind. By the time they’ve ground out a few maxed 5*, those TC20 5* will be as underpowered as 3* are now.

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I can imagine bonuses
for at least 2…

  • girls
  • animals
  • of the same class
  • average/slow heroes
  • s1 heroes
  • duplicates
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This would also help big on challenge events and titans.

Really?! :woman_facepalming:

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There’s a thread on an idea for S1 family bonus here, if you’re getting into that territory

:see_no_evil: :blush: :shushing_face:

Maybe all should be girls.

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Yes, except that bonus should not require a team of strictly S1 heroes if we look at it from that end.

Say you did Viv/Musashi/Poseidon with Sartana and Hel in this setup, Viv and Sartana only would receive 5% bonus healing and 6% bonus defense. The HOTM and S2+ contribute but don’t benefit.

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