Team members leaving alliance & kicking innocent bystanders

Ok so last night during our war, two of our members decided to leave the alliance . Fair enough, There choice.even with their tirade of abuse as they left ,Unfortunately they decided to kick one of our other members.
For no reason . What annoys me is that person who was kicked for no reason . Looses 50 % participation of war chest. And rewards for that war.

      I reported them by clicking on their Avatar  soon after. But I think as a Leader   we should be able to WARN other groups Leaders of their actions. 

        Shortly after they joined a new group & Changed their names .  Im sorry but that ■■■■■■ me off !  As a leader of a alliance  I think we should be able to leave the group and come back without  lossing all history and days earned. 

                         Regards Megaspeargun.

Be more careful who to promote next time.

Put a text in your ally description for the booted member to rejoin.

If possible, try to contact him outside the game to explain what happened.


She joined again straight away. Knowing something was wrong. They where only on elder level. Participation was high so they earned that. But they always talked absolute rubbish. Anyways lesson learned.


This is precisely why we don’t use the elder title. Not because our members don’t deserve to be recognized for long-term loyalty, simply because elder has the ability to remove another player.

Even if I believe none of our current members would ever abuse that ability, it could even happen by accident- especially if their kids were helping them auto-farm.

The decision to remove a player should be in the hands of a very few, responsible members, in my opinion. In our case that’s our Leader and co-leaders who must make an unanimous decision before removing a player.

Our players understand why we don’t promote to elder and realize that they are just as valued by holding the title Member.


Might as well make everyone an elder at minimum.


I’m not sure how this would avoid the problem of elders having the ability to kick other players?

You first have to demote someone from elder to kick them. If everyone is elder then you can’t demote/ kick a fellow member. Same is true if everyone is co-leader, then only Leader has the ultimate responsibility.


Seems to me it’s just easier to leave them as members then. If everyone has the elder title what difference does it make if they are all called member?

We don’t use titles as rewards or punishment so I guess I’m missing the point. Our Leader/co-leader titles come with actual tasks, so they weren’t promoted just for longevity.

Different strokes, I guess.


In my alliance, we leave the kicking and promoting to our leader. That way abuse of power is practically nonexistent. I leave immediately if I sense that happening. I personally refuse to get in the middle of bad stuff like that. We already have enough drama to deal with irl. We don’t need that drama in a game.

95% of our team are fantastic. Just a mistake I guess letting these 2 in .

  1. You gave them the power to kick
  2. Leaving and coming back leads to abuse of things like titan hits
  1. Game should implement a member ranking system to punish/warn or reward players who dont or do participate in alliance activities
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There is an advantage when everyone is Elder at minimum. Elders can’t kick Elders.

Elders would not just be titles, no one will be kicked accidentally., since the process would be in 4 steps : demote, confirmation, kick, confirmation.
Also in this case, only leader and co-leaders would have the power to kick.


I’m sorry this happened to you! I’m glad the two that were unhappy have left, and that you got your accidentally kicked player back.

Good luck on your titans and war this week!

True. Yes we had discussed this in house.

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