Team magni or Team Misandra?

What is the best team after maxed let me know your thoughts thanks?


I like Team Misandra. You already have Sartana and Lianna as fast snipers; Magni would just be another. Misandra has the chance to hit multiple times and charge your heroes even faster.


What about the added defense from magnis buff to help gravedigger tank? I see your point with the hots to multiple targets sometimes you need that extra tap on one but not need it all. And being they are all fast it doesnt take much mana to get that special going.

Team Misandra!

Put Misandra in the left corner.

That way when she fires, heroes close to full mana charge could possibly get that last bit of mana for their special then fire during the same turn.


Team Misandra.

Their pluses and minuses pretty much even out. But it’s super fun when her special pops big. And she was my first 5* hero so she’s got a special place in my heart.

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Is it different from when you attack an when you are defending? At least on attack, with heroes that get their special charged after her cast, are still able to use it on same turn. Reason I have her on right is to make sure others that have their special up use it and get the max mana out of her special. If it plays out different on Defense I will definitely have to switch her to the right.

Yep it’s different. On defense, the heroes attack and trigger their specials left to right only. So if misandra triggers while she’s in the right corner, and a hero to her left is able to charge full, the AI does not go back to fire their special.

It waits til the next turn. This is why alby is almost always in the left corner as well.


Didn’t know that! thanks for the tip.

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I will swim against the stream - I believe team Magni wins as his defence boost will be more important.

You know what - give it a try: Put one team in for 3 days, then the other team in for another 3 days and then share a result with us. :slight_smile:



Why not both? You’re using gravemaker tank so people are stacking blue against you. If you use double blue that sucks for attackers because I doubt they’d bring greens against your double blue with a gravemaker tank


I prefer team Misandra, but I would have her on the leftmost wing, so if she hits and gives your teammates the mana boost needed to charge their attack, it’ll let them attack after she does.

I had tried magni and misandra magni had the edge. However I read of ppl giving Misandra the edge over Magni, why I started the thread to get direct insight on my team specifically. So far I am giving Team Misandra a second go, this time with her on the left flank instead, as I learned within this same thread that I had her misplaced, reason why Team Misandra might have come out behind Team Magni. I too think that defense buff might be too high to neglect.

Now remember this is merely for defense purposes, although I would love to get access to defense replays to see those multi hit procs on her. :joy:

Misandra for this team. While I am a big fan of heroes who give a +63% defense buff, Delilah’s minions will offer the team a bit more protection and you already have Sartana and Lianna as your fast very high damage snipers.

I do use both for attacks, had not for defense because blue vs blue still hit fairly good had they been green i would probably had the two since blue is weak vs green.

The winner was team Magni by a longshot. Screenshot of why?

I would be more afraid of attacking team Magni than team Misandra myself.

Magni is better because he

  • hits harder unless Misandra gets all four hits
  • does more tile/slash damage
  • throws up a really solid shield on self and nearby

Misandra can work out very well with her mana boost, but I’d rather take my changes against “may” than “will”.


Misandra by far. On flank magni will die or take most damage before using his special thus negating his defense up.
Misandra does more damage on second hit
She adds .6 tile for each hit
And it’s immediate so can’t be stopped
Unlike alby or inari mana boost.

Magni is amazing and one of the best snipers in the game but misandra is in her own league.

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Misandra absolutely.Her special is deadly and she is important.Magni is top notch but he is only a hitter

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