Team lock option

Hi all,

Just a small idea here, but with the new option to purchase extra team slots, could team slots have the little lock button which we get on heroes and troops? It would help stop my tired uncaffeined morning self from accidentally changing my defence team for farming and forgetting to change it back! :coffee: :+1:


I set my defense team to be the last one on the list, and my in progress, farming, raid and titan teams at the beginning.


Same here - defence is last team - first 6 war (very first also raid) - 2 teams for heroes waiting to be leveled or to be collected and two teams for titans.

All in all I got 11 teamplaces and 105 slots now, which seems to be momentarily enough for easy playing.

Teams with heroes already in other teams doesn’t show up, so for me it works well.

I’d like to have the posibility to name teams - that would be great.

You can already edit the team name. Just click-hold the name.


Thx @Kerr - didn’t know that - awesome :sunglasses:

There is absolutely NO point to purchasing additional team slots if you cannot keep them in line

as a team and the heroes are jumbled based on which “team” they’re in. Small Giant has given us the ability to buy the doggone teams, so the least they could do is allow us to lock them in so we can view the entire team in a row rather than keep searching for who is on what team. It’s plain stupidity. How difficult would it be to add that small feature (for those of us who are a bit OCD, and trust me, there are a lot of us here who have minor OCD tendencies)?

I’d just like to see the ability to have the team slot locked, not locking heroes into a team.

Have you tried sorting by element? It works for me.

Why should we have to sort by one type when the ability to view all heroes on a particular team in a team slot? I sort by power, all my unleveled heroes fall below leveled heroes. Everyone has their own preference, so adding a lock option to a team slot to keep them actually sorted would solve the problem regardless of how you sort.

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