Team Kingston vs Team Misandra

I am looking at class and I would like to choose between Kingston and Misandra. For which team would you go?

Team Kingston:

Team Misandra:

The first one, just for the variety of more colors.

The second team will be attacked by a lot of 2-blue-3-green-teams.

This is a tough one for me. I’ve been Team Misandra since she arrived. My first 5* hero, she has been a mainstay of all aspects of my team since I got her. Gave her all my fighter emblems.

But lately I’ve been contemplating resetting her and giving them to Kingston. This would be in conjunction with resetting Lianna to give those emblems to Alasie. Current main defense is Misandra, Ares, Kunchen, Onatel and Lianna. After reset would be Kingston, Ares, Kunchen, Onatel and Alasie. I’m torn.

All that being said, I think Kingston is obviously the more consistent of the two. I’m leaning Team Kingston.

Team Kingston…

Makes attacking teams think twice before committing to their team.

Anzogh at tank and reworking the whole thing, IMO.

Marjana to the bench.

Kingston - Frida - Anzogh - Seshat - Misandra

I want Anzogh firing early when the enemy is still alive to max his heal and Seshat is the toughest card on this defense team in matches I’ve fought against them.


@Gallowspider, I understand where your coming from, but I purposely have a blue tank and two red flanks in case a green stacked team attacks me. Also having Misandra and Kingston in one team means two of the same class and that is what I need to avoid. Do not have unlimited emblems.

Seshat - Frida - Anzogh - Kingston - Misandra
Misandra - Kingston - Anzogh - Frida - Seshat

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Do your thing, you don’t have to explain it to me. That’s just how I’d do it.

I usually attack with a 3-2 so I worry more about someone coming in with 3 greens and 2 blues than a 5 green mono stack, but that’s also just a matter of perspective. If I regularly used mono to attack I’d probably be a lot more concerned with defending against other mono attackers.

I’ve actually got Kingston and Misandra on my defence team both emblemed at the moment. It’s an effective strategy, comfortably keeping me in the diamond league.

I’m currently levelling Alice to replace Misandra (at least to trial it) and if it works out I’ll reset Kilile 4/70+20 and give those emblems to Alice.

To go back to your scenario, don’t rule out having both on the same team…

Team Kingston. Can easily make opposing teams attacks be very inconsequential. :sunglasses:

Team Kingston. I don’t have Misandra but I’ve never been worried about her on raids.

Misandra is one of the weakest Atlantis heroes IMO…so Kingston vote here by default. I mean, she’s not on the level of Mok-Arr and Atomos, but she’s definitely sub par compared to most others.


Not once have I given any thought about Misandra when going against a team. I am missing her and Tarlak from Atlantis, so I don’t know how she is on offense. However, when going against a team with her…I practically ignore her.

Kingston is a different story. Offensively, I thought I was overestimating him, but after maxing him, I feel as if I was underestimating him. Defensively, I put him just above Zeline and she is someone I hate to face.