Team in Italian (squadra) Is too long

As you can see in this image the Italian term “team” = “squadra” is too long to fit into the headers of the heroes. When a hero belong to more than 2 teams, the header is not anymore informative.

An icon or a compressed font would be fix the problem. Or just the numbers. Thank you.

@anon89026910, no one of my team is named with “squadra” in their name. Check your own, it happens in your app as well that the headers do not show the name of the teams but the slots numbers. Thank you Screenshot_20190123-133014-01

It happens also in the English version, by the way. In English, the header could manage up to 3 teams without scrambling but not more.

@anon89026910, you did not got the issue. Send me a full screenshot of your Hero Roster. Thank you.

Ahhh fair enough… Gotcha… I hadn’t seen your pics when I was posting…

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OP, you are saying that the word “Squadra” in Italian is too long (for the current system), and that the game should compress it somehow in order to show “Squadra 1 3 5” for example, and not “Squadra…”, correct?

@rock, “Squadra” or “Team”, It does not make difference.

The picture in Italian and in English that have been posted do not allow doubts. Whatever the language is used any word in front of the slots numbers does not fit into those heroes headers that belong to ≥N teams.

Using a compressed font or an icon or nothing at all but the nunebrs only, it resolves.

By the way, what’s the problem in understanding the issue? I might have not express it in a proper manner BUT once some images has been posted, it became pretty obvious.

After all, there is a good chance that any player (except beginners) have seen this issue in their own app (as long as they used the same hero in many team).

I was trying to help re-express it for those who do not see the problem in their language:

The ellipses (“…”) don’t bother me, because I only see them on 1 team; if I saw them on every team, as you do, it would be annoying.

(I am agreeing with you.)

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