Team ideals please

Assemble some good, fun, or just cool teams. You can use untrained guys as it me give me an ideal of who to focus on next. Really any tips or advice really. Help me out Im sponging up information right now

OMG, you’ve got quite a mess there, but a lot of possibilities too.

First observation: you’re spending too much money on draws without knowing what to level and what to do. :wink: This is a long-term game, even if you can spend like crazy. Better get your structures and leveled heros ready, unless you have unlimited funds; take this as friendly advice from a C2P player.

Ok, then: your best heros are Rigard (1/1), Wilbur (1/1), Chao (1/1), Grimm (1/1), Kashhrek (1/1), Li (3^/58), Tibs (3^/43), Santa (2^/58), Magni (3^/9), Onatel (2^/59), Kage (2^/47), Boril (3^/56), Caed (3^/39), Hawkmoon (3*/17), Bold (3^/60), Wu (4^, 21) and Kiril (3^/60).

The 1/1s are all but irrelevant until you level them.

Out of these, you need to make a Titan attack team: Tibs (3/43), Wu 4/21, Kiril 4/21, Kage 2/47, and Santa, but you need to make these into a better team that has Wu, Att+, Def-, a Ramming Pulverizer, and another hero of the color best opposing the Titan color;

You need to make a defense team of Boldtusk currently as tank (waiting for Wilbur), Tibs on left flank and Li on right flank, and Kage/Kiril as wings. You need a better 4* healer. Level Wilbur up first as your best tank.

For attack teams, you need to focus on one of each color to level; otherwise, you’ll be bouncing between heros that partly level without anyone getting to max level that really wins battles. I’d pick Wilbur, Kiril, Kage, Caed, and Chao.

Good Luck!

I thiught i was set with 4 star healers with bold kiril and rigard. Any close to max or 3/60 4 stars are waiting for mats.

The team 3 is just a cup dropping squad.

If you consider titan damage super important (as I do), Wilbur and Wu Kong stand out as several pretty critical heroes for that purpose, although you will never see them high on the teams for Top 100 Raiders.

Thanks. Yeah i use wu for titans and once i get santa to 3/70, wilbur is next.

Healers really are good, and you’ve got a good start with a lot of 3^/60s and a really great, deep bench. You haven’t done badly. However, you’ll need more to get at least 3 good teams set up, and you should concentrate on one set of heros at a time.

I’d suggest a longer-term goal of 3 teams: Titans, Offense, and Defense, but an immediate goal of a(n offense) team to win rare quests and monthly challenge events to get the Ascension Materials (AMs) that you’ll need. As I mentioned earlier, besides a healer or two, you’d do well to get a fully-leveled debuffer (Caedmon), ramming pulverizer (Tibs) for debuffing enemy defense, and an attack buffer (Kiril, who also heals).

Use Anchor’s Hero Grading worksheet (at 7 Days Departed team website, and often referenced in the forums):
. . . to get an idea what hero works best at each. For example, Che is right about Wilbur and Wu for Titans, where Wu isn’t necessarily the best for defense. AoE heros (e.g., Li Xiu) are great for defense, where targeting heros (e.g., Chao) are great for offense.

Normally, I’d suggest a starting player level up a rainbow 3* team first to tackle missions, but you’ve got such good 4s that you could use Boldtusk as a defensive tank and offensive hero, along with Kiril, and take on rare quests and epic events. Save your 5 leveling for when you’re closer to getting the Ascension Materials (AMs). Get Wilbur up asap; he’s great on all three types of teams. Sub out your fully leveled 3s for 4s as you get them up to 4^/20 or so. On no account put more feeders into 3*s like Tyrum and Kailani until you’ve got your AM team done.

You’re doing great so far, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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