Team help?

I have a few ideas as to which way I’d like to compose a few teams; but figured I’d reach out and get some other opinions. Any input would be appreciated and basically I’m just trying compose the strongest teams but also want the heros to help each other. (I.E Grimms defense buff with Wu’s attack increase)

You could consider focusing on establishing one rainbow team, then work on deeper bench.

For the first rainbow team, you could feed one hero per color with same color feeders - gives more xp per feeder.

Your first team could be Grimm, Boldtusk, Wu. If you have mats for Caedmon, then level him, otherwise finish Mel. Khiona, if you have mats, Tibs if not.

Sharing your feeders among several heroes of the same color slows down progress. You seem to have a lot of partially leveled heroes.

Possible next steps per color:
Red: Wilbur
Green: Caed, finish Mel, Buddy
Blue: Kiril, Triton
Yellow: finish Wu, Li, Chao
Purple: khiona, tib, Rigard

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