Team help, i need your opinion :)

I need help with my team.What you think about my hero’s and witch of them i should assend. A haven’t assend items to waste, so pls help :slight_smile:

Could you also post (a) the rest of your 5* and 4* heroes and (b) your ascension mat inventory?

That’s all 4* and 5* a have. Assend mat:

I got i new one :smiley:

My standard advice is to focus on building a solid team of 4* heroes. These are the backbone of teams for the first six-nine months, or more. A good 4* at 4/70 is better than most 5* at 3/70, and takes fewer feeders and hams to get there.

You have extraordinary luck in pulling 5*! Most people with that many would have gotten a dozen or more 4* along the way. If you’ve been getting 4* but feeding them to 5*, please don’t! How do you have no blue 4*?

You should ascend and complete Rigard and Gormek with your purple and red feeders, respectively. Yellows to Leonides to get him to 3/70. Horghall is better than Elkanen. Blue feeders go wherever, given that you’re void there with any matched-color training.

Looking forward, Gravemaker is worth the ascension mats. None of your other 5* are top tier. For your mix, I could see a team of Perseus, Gravemaker, Horghall, Leonides and Domitia as competitive, possibly using Rigard instead of Domitia in some cases when you want a healer. Boldtusk and Sabina are worthwhile heroes to build up, too.


I didn’t use 4* for feeding, that’s all a got. I have lucky to get Perseus, Gravemaker as HotM, Obakan on summon and others in training centar (2x20, soon 3x20lvl). I know others isn’t best 5* heroes, but i think is good enough to assend them to max (perseus, OBAKAN, Leonidas and maybe Horhall). I spent 0$ for game, and have lucky to have team like this :slight_smile: So, i think Obakan is better then Domitia (read about that a lot…), assend or try to get something better??? Also with green heroes?? Leonidas???

No, he has an extraordinary wallet

I did not invest any single dollar, believe it or not :slight_smile: lol… I don’t know if it can be proven somehow, tell me and i will screenshot for you :slight_smile:

You don’t need to prove it. I’m the unlucky outlier of the bell curve. You can be the lucky one! :slight_smile:

I spent months being close to the bottom of the TC20 training curve. Two 5* in a row at the beginning of this month, Lianna and Sartana, pulled me up close to the average. Patience is rewarded, eventually.

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Considered alone, I might agree, but on your team I like Domitia better. You have nothing that debuffs, and that is such a valuable skill at higher levels. If you’re reading older “Domitia vs Obakan” threads, be aware that she was improved to debuff nearby, as well as target. In my mind, that tipped her into worthwhile range.

There are a lot of core 4* that you should pray to RNGesus for: Grimm, Tibertus, Caedmon, Wu Kong and Kiril. Those would add a lot of valuable depth and skill to your bench. You should work to have two solid heroes of each color so you can leave out the weak color on titans and to double up against any tank. And for Alliance Wars you want 30 credible heroes.

Enjoy, and congrats on your run of luck!

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Ty m8 :slight_smile: I will try to have 3 of each, one 5* maxed, one 5* on 3rd assend, and one maxed 4*. Also i have 3-4 x3* full assended team’s for war now, becouse i haven’t enought 4*, but i train hard (3x20lvl train centar) to get it :smiley: Ty one more time.

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