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I apologize if there is a more appropriate forum for this, I looked around and didn’t se a place it obviously belonged, and I see others here. I have been playing pretty casually for a while, and recently invested in some packs, and need to figure out what team(s) I should be building. I will list 4 and 5 star heroes, assuming that they will be better choices than any 3 star I have, and many I just got yesterday and have no levels, but I will indicate if I have already leveled them. Thank you in advance, and please be gentle.

5* Heroes: Sartanna (3/36), Thorne (2/54), Domitia, Aeron, Quintus, Magni

4* Heroes: Melendor (3/60), Boldtusk (3/52), Li Xiu (3/43), Grimm (3/35), Jack O’Hare, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, Rigard, Wu Kong (two), Boril, Sonya, Kashrek (three), Skittleskull, Boldtusk (dupe), Colen (three), Chao, Litle John, Scarlett (two), Sabina, Tiburtus, Li Xiu (dupe), Melendor (dupe, three), Hu Tao

I have been running with:
Sartanna, Melendor, Thorne, Boldtusk, Li Xiu

I assume I should replace Thorne with Magni, but I’d like to maximize my legendaries and other new heroes as much as possible, obviously. I was hoping for Holy, Nature, and Fire legendaries, and got everything but.

You have a great set of heroes and plenty to work with. Sartana at 70 is VERY usable and good (had her at 70 on my main until I got her to 80 and at 3/70 on my alt right now).

In general other heroes to work on include Grimm, Magni, Wu Kong!!!, Tibertus, Boldtusk Melendor.

Unless you can take Magni to 80, take Grimm to 70. Do NOT move thorne past 2/60 until you have Magni, Grimm, and Sonya at 70. and even then maybe not.

If you’re stuck with Melendor at 3/60 and can’t ascend, level Jack Ohare and LJ to 60.

For yellow, you’ve already got Li to tier 3 sadly (I don’t really like her, she’s terrible except on defense IMO), but after she’s 3/60, Max Wu Kong next and then I’d ascend Chao to 70 before Li Xiu. Have done that on 3 accounts and never regretted it once.

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Good advice from @Dante2377 as always!

I’d add Merlin to the list of heroes to work on, he’s awesome. The others take priority though.

On defense, you ought to swap Boldtusk or Lixiu into the middle. They should be better tanks than Thorne at these levels, I think

Thank you for the replies @Dante2377 and @Jalia. This seems to confirm what I feared, no “great” 5*, two “good”, and many mediocre. So none of the other legendaries are worth developing at all? Does SGG ever tune cards?

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On the contrary, Magni and Sartana are probably the best 5*'s for their colors - definitely worth developing! Aeron will be worth developing too.

We’re suggesting building up the 4*'s first because it takes SO many fewer resources (feeders, time, etc…) to max out a 4*. And generally speaking, a maxed 4* will be a better hero than an in-process 5*. Sartana is an exception - as Dante points out, she’s very good at 3rd ascention, before you need the really rare ascention materials.

First, work toward a team of: Sartana, Melendor, Boldtusk, Wu, Grimm (probably using LiXiu on Defense instead of Wu)

Then you can work towards Magni and Aeron (though you’ll need a replacement tank at this point, as I don’t really like having three healers on any team other than AW defense).

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Other than defense team, where generally 80’s stats rule, most players at the top end still use a mix of 4 and 5 star heroes on things like titan teams, rare quests, etc.

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It has been a while so I wanted to post an update and get some new advice from where I am at. You will notice that I am EXTREMELY slow in leveling my heroes… I don’t know why, but everyone seems to level them far faster than me… I must be missing something. Oh well.

5* Heroes: Sartanna (3/69), Magni (2/58), Thorne (2/54), Domitia (1/34), Aeron, Quintus, Gravemaker

4* Heroes: Melendor (4/58), Boldtusk (4/52), Li Xiu (3/60), Grimm (3/60), Wu Kong (3/38), Jack O’Hare, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, Rigard, Boril, Sonya, Kashrek, Skittleskull, Colen (three), Chao (two), Litle John, Scarlett (two), Sabina (two), Tiburtus (two), Gormek

I have been running with:
Sartanna, Melendor, Boldtusk, Grimm, Li Xiu

Question 1: I have 6 Royal Tabards, 6 Warm Cloaks, and 1 Damascus Blade. Do I ascend Sartana, or wait and hold it for Magni since I only have one blade?

Question 2: I got Gravemaker off a random single pull, I read a few posts early on and people seemed to like him. Is he worth leveling for my main team?

Question 3: What lineup should I be my current end goal?

Question 4: My current plan for leveling/ascending is:
Sartana > Aeron > Merlin
Magni > Grimm > Sonya
Wu Kong > Chao(?) > ?
Boldtusk > Gravemaker > ?
Melendor > Little John > ?

What changes should I make to this plan?

5: Are there any heroes that I have that I should just use for fodder at this point other than dupes?