Team Green...Kadilen or Gadeirus or Gobbler or another Elk or another Greg for up?

What is the best for up?..titan…raid ofense and a hero for final team defense…sorry for the english…Iam brazilian player and thanks for any help…

I have a melendor too

For Titans? I like Skittleskull. High attack, sturdy defense, 34 percent attack debuff.

Guessing by your current level of heroes and a fairly new 4th tier Gregorian, I’m assuming you have very little to no Tonics available to bring another green 5* hero to max. That’s fine, Kadelin and Elkenan aren’t heroes you rush to level, unless you have no better options. So the question should be, “Who to bring to level 70?”

A 4* 4^70 is stronger in most situations than a 5* 3^70 (Compare the stats, not the “hero power”).
So let’s look at your 4* heroes. For general utility you can’t go wrong with Caedmon or Melandor. The buff remover is very useful for raids, and both have good stats for Titans. Mel tends to die easier than Caedmon, and you already have Sabina (a purple version of Mel), so I would lean towards leveling Caedmon.
You mentioned defense, and he’ll do fine there, but seeing as you have Gregorian in 4th ascension I see no need to replace Greg. This is the reason why I would not choose Gadeirus, who’s more suited for defense. Gobbler is very situational. Someone you might level up much later down the road. Skittle has a high attack power, but I find less useful and harder to keep alive than Caedmon & Mel.

Good luck in your journey! I also would highly suggest finding a helpful and knowledge alliance to help you make future decisions.
-2Spookd :ghost:

Thanks a lot my friend

Thanks a lot my friend