Team getting deeper, Dark Hero guidance on Domita

Main team is well on it’s way, and I’m at a crossroads with dark heros now. I like all aspects of the game equally, so I do like more generalized heros, but I think I’m getting deep enough to get more specific.

Current Main heros

Marjana 4.67
Colen 4.70
Wilbur 4.70

Evelyn 3.70 (need 1 potion)
Little John 4.70

Kiril 4.70
Grimm 4.70
Triton 4.70

Joon 3.70
Jackal 4.70
Wu 4.70
Hu Tau 4.70

Rigard 4.70
Tibs 4.70
Proteus 4.70

OK I have Domita, 2 more Proteus, 1 more Tibs, and I have 8 tabards.

My gut is NOT to spend trap / tabards on Domita. Good only against Yellow titans-ish?
I’m leaning towards a second Tibs for now, and waiting on another 5* Purple. Thoughts?

Get Dom to 3-70, I use mine at 3-70 in wars, raids, rare quest.

Then a 2nd proteus before Tibs

If it happens that you will have 12 tabbards you can go for Dom to 4-80 and will not regret it when Hel or kage knocks on your door.

I was lucky on a similar point in the game. Was working on Dom to 3-70 and having all tabbards but trap tools had been short, so I stopped Dom at 3-70 and got Merlin to 3-60
While working on Merlin I got lucky and pulled rigard and proteus.
Both are awesome and even having the trap tools for Dom at the time i started rigard after Merlin (very hard decision between rig and prot but planned him next)
While working on rig, knock knock knock Hel was asking for an audience. Got rig to 3-60 and now Hel will get the tabbards, 3-10 now, still a Long way to go.

And still a lot if work in that purple corner.
Rig, Merlin still very squishy at 3-60, have to get them to 4-70 later, proteus, Sabina also at 3-60, Dom when I get another 3 tabbards (currently at 9)
My Obakan from Tc20 is hidden in the darkest corner of the cellar. :wink:

I asked a similar question here after pulling Domitia. Perhaps you can find some of what you are looking for there.

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Domitia is underrated IMO…she has dispell, which is rare for a 5* hero. Plus, her recent buff gives her a little more ooomph in her sniping ability. If I don’t get Seshat next month I’m going to ascend mine fully.

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Same. She isn’t Sartana, but she isn’t Quintus, either. I could do worse.

Weasel, I did read that thread, thanks! I’m C2P, so I do .99c/200 gems consistently. I do get a 10 pull every 6 weeks-ish? I also save EHT’s for seasonal events. If I got Hel, or Sartana, no brainer. So yeah, 3.70 would be good against yellow titans.

You set for rogues? If not, you could also trot her out for class trials. That’ll give you a feel for whether or not you like her. That can inform your decision about whether to give her the tabards.

Without G. Panther in your roster, Domitia is a good hero, worth doing before duplicate 4*s imo. Dispelling is a rare ability in 5* heroes, despite having average speed for the one target hit (that part… could be better).

She’s also good when stacking against yellow in general, includes raids and wars.

Marjana and G Jackal. I flew thru this current class trials.

Sounds like the plan is to go to 3.70, unless someone else special pops up before that (like Merlin or another good 5*) park her at 3.70 for a bit.

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