Team Display Overhaul


I’ve enjoyed the increase from 3 to 5 preset teams, but would like to propose a number of ideas for improvement, some my own and others which I’ve seen on the forums, in a condensed format.

In general, I wish there were different groupings for various uses: Farming, Raiding, Titans, and Wars. The game already does this for Challenge Events, where you have a specific team for each tier which hold over from event to event, and does not take up any of the 5 general use slots. I would like a similar system for other uses, where you would only see your titan teams after clicking ‘attack’ on a titan, see your raiding teams after clicking the raid button, and see your war teams while in the war tab.

Keep the same 5 general use slots to allow players to keep their best teams for their favorite farming levels.

Give 5 new slots, one for each titan color, so that players can always have a team prepare for a new titan spawn. Every player already tries to optimize their team for each color, but having to recreate the correct team every day is an unnecessary hassle which frustrates many players, results in damage losing mistakes, and doesn’t add anything to the game.

Give 5 new slots (or more). There are some overwhelmingly common tanks, especially at high levles, which I always want to run the same team against. Double blue vs. Ares, double red vs. Alberich or Kashhrek, double purple vs Delilah, etc. It’d be very nice to simly have these teams preset rather than switching around the same one or two teams based on who I rolled this time.

Let players see which heroes they haven’t used yet without having to click attack on an enemy team, thereby reserving it. Also, change the display so that you can see the enemy team at the same time you’re picking your own. These are both really easy quality of life fixes.

Let players toggle an option while sorting their heroes to change whether heroes in a team come to the top or not. I would love to use the sorting mechanic to easily tell if a hero not in my party is stronger than one in my party, so don’t like how half my viable roster is locked in the top of my screen regardless of the sort function I use. This would also help speed up same color leveling.

Let me know what you think of these ideas, or if you have others not mentioned here. I believe these changes would streamline team selection for players who want to use it while not being burdensome on those who don’t. I could also imagine this as a part of the VIP pass as an additional bonus feature.

More Filter for heroes

Also, we should be able to use our players whom haven’t died yet, instead of retiring them for the rest of the war. Example, I took out 2 whole teams. I had 4 players and 3 players still alive. Now I cannot use them again for the rest of the war. That is reduculous.


I would like to see a better way to organize heroes…Specially with WARS now in play. The deeper your roster the more chaotic your view looks…Plus, there are those heroes that you use regularly, those that you use only during wars, those that you’re working on/leveling up, those that are waiting in line to get worked on and lastly those that you have no immediate plans on even touching any time soon…We need other queues, tabs, folders, whatever…

More teams

A lot of these are great ideas. I think first and foremost, we should at the very least get a 6th team slot. Alliance wars give us a total of 6 attacking tickets, and you can’t use heroes twice. This means you need 6 separate teams if you want to use all of your attack tickets.

We should at the very least have 6 team slots to set up our attacking teams with during alliance wars.


I agree with the suggested ideas, but would love to have 9 pre-sets for teams.


Great idea! Love it :slight_smile:

Hey - and honestly I would pay for this convenience too. I could see getting just one Titan team to start with and having to pay to unlock the others. Does that suck a bit? Sure. But knowing SG they’ll find some way to suck the money out anyway, might as well be on a useful feature


Suggestion; Have a different tabs where the heros are for each seperate war option and within each tab have the required amount of teams set ( for example) farm wars as is, allience wars would have a tab which brings up 6 team blocks, titan war would only require one etc etc.

Also within each tab set you would a allocated number of heros for leveling etc.

As for the hero themselves you would have a new option when you click on them ( including the new ones you get ) as to which war type youbwant them sent to.

This would increase number of heros used throughtout the game, increase number of leveling and acending done thus increase material/loot required etc. It would bring a whole new added interest to organizing hero teams.

When you receive newly recruited heros you have an option of which war tab you want then allocated to.

This would really be a win win for the SG owners as it would increase the need for everyone to want more heros for each war option, increase the need to play for more materials/loot, thus increase the need to spend more money on the game without it affecting anything else.

This could also increase the troops selection so they could be dispersed out throught the extra heros without doubling up.

I feel This option would be a big win win for boths the players, devs, SG.


Something needs to be done. I keep accumulating heroes, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to sort through them all.


Being able to tag heroes with more than just the lock and team membership would help.
There’s a batch of individual heroes I want to level and haven’t had time or resources for yet and more duplicates I’d like to just tag as ‘keeping for later’ and not have them show up when selecting teams for raiding or wars, or when levelling.
Being able to tag heroes as Feeders and only have those show up when levelling would be handy, but potentially a time waster as feeders in my list get fed quickly, to the tag time needed might be wasted. Just excluding locked heroes from the view when picking feeders for levelling might be better.


My response was to the question of have alliance AW, titan etc able to have set allocated teams including have 6 teams for AW’s.
So rather than having the 30 in sets of 5 teams with I defence team moslty used for when your not online.

You would have a different set of teams for all the different war types. So extra option on heros would be which war you want that hero to be in. One a chisen hero is allocated to that war it’s not able to be in other war types unless it is moved again.

If each war had it’s own set of teams it would increase the need more good hero thus needing more recruits thus need more materials thus playing more thus more $$.

This not would not be so hard for the the devs as it just mean copying what they already have and renaming a code words and adding to a new tab within the current setup. Then blocking each tab to set wars.

Being able to set up individual war teams is what everyone wants and this not only provides that solution but would increase play time and thus $$ which is what the devs are always looking to keep members on the game.


We need an option to sort by rarity regardless of what team the hero is in. I have a few 5 stars and a stack of 4 stars and I want to post screenshots on line to get input from my alliance however it is almost impossible to get the heroes I want in the screenshots without taking apart every team I have. Maybe some sort of toggle for keeping teams first or ignoring teams but definitely a sort by rarity. There really needs to be a lot more sorting options as the way it is now just makes me not want to pull for more heroes as its too hard to organise.


You mean like this below


When ascending heroes a great option would be to display only hereos of same coulour. A toggle option all / own coulour should work. Also it would be nice to have after teams all the favourite heroes before food heroes.


I agree with both those ideas. I also think that you should be able to sort heroes without keeping those in your current teams at the top, and I wish that you could mark the heroes that you are currently working on leveling.


You can sort your heroes after power, if that’s of any help.


In ‘Hero Roster’, I love the ability to sort Heroes by Power, Element and Name. However, once a Hero is added to a Team (1, 2, 3, etc.), the sorting feature sorts FIRST by Team #, THEN by individual Hero Power.

Can we change this so sorting by ‘Power’ lists the roster of heroes descending in Power, regardless of what Team # they are a part of?

I ask because, when choosing a Hero for War, Heroes are slightly out of order and sometimes causes me to make poor choices for War. (In addition to setting up my defense/offense team, I use the Team feature to pin favorite Heroes to the top to remind me they are next to feed/level).

Now typing this out, I suppose this could also be addressed with a “Favorites” feature.



Does anybody really use sort by name?


Right? Might as well replace that with ‘Favorites’. I’m thinking you can favorite a hero the same way you lock in a troop. The icon that shows up when you’re editing your team and click the ‘?’ on a troop, but perhaps a star.


You mean like this?



=When clearing out 3* heroes from legendary training. Lets me feed them to other copies of themselves for +25% skill roll.

=When managing my Trainer heroes.

=When trying to unfavorite an extra copy of a 4* or 5* hero.

I do agree the hero roster could be improved:

==War & Leveling sorts==

==Nicknames & filters==