Team (defense) and ascention advice

After pulling some Heros (TC and gate) the last days, I’m again faced with the question how to build up my team, which Heros level and for which I should invest the items.

I would be very grateful for any advice :slight_smile:

Currently I have the following Heros:

(For all duplicates the second one is 1/1)

Isarnia x2 4/80
Richard x2 1/1
Thorn x2 1/1

Azlar x2 4/80

Delilah 4/80
Justice 1/1
Leo x2 3/70
Drake Fong 3/xx

Liana 4/70 (on the way atm)
Horghall 1/1
Elkanen x2 3/70
Kadilen 1/1

Khiona 1/1

Additionaly I got all regular 4* (most maxed) + Gafar (max too)

My main question really is how to put together a decent defense team from this.

Currently have the items for green, yellow and purple
And thought of something like:

Isarnia/Alzar - Drake Fong - Khiona - Delilah - Liana

But I think as a tank there would be better alternatives? But I also didn’t want to use too many Slow Heros or try to add a color advantage to the setup.

Thanks in advance

Might be stupid suggestion but if you have so many darts:
3 x Drake (use them all)
1 x Delilah
1 x Azlar

Blind them all long enough and link all the yellows to let Azlar launch his special.
Ignore me but I am currently sleep deprived. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wahahaha, good idea, believe it fails only because I don’t have 3 Drakes - maybe it was a bit confusing written by me:

Drake Fong 3/xx → My Drake is on Stage 3 Level xx (growing atm :D)
→ not Drake Fing x3 :slight_smile:

But thanks anyways :wink:

This could be you actual defense, if you’ll level Khiona and will want to try her with self healing heroes as Elkanen or Leonidas (high risk - not guaranteed rewards - experimental) Id say to put Elkanen with this formation: Azlar - Isarnia - Elkanen - Khiona - Leonidas

Khiona should offset Elkanen’s weak damage with her stacking attack boost making his self healing treathening. Maybe. Mana troops whould be a must for them to work, anyway.
But I would stick with old and proved strategies.

Thanks for your advice. I will try the current defense now (with gafar).
Atm I used:

Isarnia - Rigard - Delilah - Azlar - Lianna

But I’m not sure, to use my Items on Leo and Elk “just” for testing :smiley:
Overall other Heros are (on their own) more worth, but not with my current other heros? Thats my main prob i guess

do not stick slow heroes in the corner if they aren’t albi. i’ve found they are much more effective flanking the tank. I’d do what fravit mentioned about with Delilah tank, Isarnia and Azlar next to her, and two fast in the corner.

That’s my alts defense and it works really well for me.

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