Team Critique and Replace my A team with pirates or no?


Hi guys, I was just wondering what your opinion is on my heros. Currently on my defense team I have Grimm, Elena, Merlin, Caedmon and Vivica. I just pulled some pirates mostly because I see that Peters could be very helpful in raids. I got 2X Peters ans 1X Sargasso. Would you replace Merlin and Caedmon with those or not?

Also on my hero roster I have Thorne, Boldtusk, Danzaburo, Cyprian, Skittleskull, Tiburtus, Scarlett, Sonya, Li Xio, Guardian Falcon, Jabbar, Chao, Little John, Rigard, Hu tao, Gormek, Kashhrek ans Sabina.

I would also like to know opinions on the best teams i can make with those heros for titans, war etc. Thanks guys.


I would replace Merlin regardless. The AI does not use his special to its full potential.


That is very true. Merlin is great at offense though, when there is a real person deciding who he needs to hit.


I agree with replacing Merlin. The AI is not very AI if you know what I mean. Even Grimm may be used wrong and only hit 2 instead of 3.

Sargasso is decent and could go in there.

Peters is solid and useful, he could replace Caed on D but I do like Caed for his fast mana and debuff. Tough call. Play with it and see what works.

Or Sonya for Grimm, Tiburtus for Merlin, and use Peters. Sonya is a blue Caedmon so will still have fast debuff.


Thanks for the opinions guys. Does peters work well against titans? It just seems like he would be a good hero to have in the back.


Peters is better than Caedmon on titans. Except for a titans, they don’t buff themselves, so caedmon’s debuff is meaningless. Peters’ silence is helpful, though, and he hits a little harder than Caedmon.

Sargasso is one of the weaker purple 5*. I got him in the very first run of Pirates last summer and he’s still at 1-1. But if you don’t do many pulls, he’s pretty decent.


Unless that’s a small typo, then I’d point out that some rare titan do indeed buff themselves, so Caedmon would work very well in that example.

Just giving Old Beardy a bit of love there :grin:


Right, I meant to type “Except for rare titans, …”


I’d use caedmon on defense before Peters; there’s tons of buffing and like many pointed out, the AI rarely uses a peters or merlin properly on defense.


I seen a team on the chat the other day of a higher up member that had a lot of trophies. He had two merlins and one peters on his team. Is this a good offensive strategy?


Yes. You can stop the opponent from firing specials.