Team composition question

Currently I’m running 2x blue on my defense team because Layla is a liability. I tried for a purple elemental summon today and got yet another healer, Sabina. I’m looking for advice for all of my teams. I believe keeping my defensive team the same will be fine. But I think I need to gamble for a new red character so I can sub in Sabina for Layla.

In the medium term I would also like to be able to put in Kiril instead of Sonya for my raid/titan teams so I’d need to replace Sabina in that situation as well. Should I try for a new purple and red hero or just the red? Do I have a better course of action? I have enough crystals for 3 more summons but I’m not entirely opposed to buying more crystals if I have a clear upgrade path.

Defense: Gan Ju, Kiril, Sonya, Isshtak, Hawkmoon (replace Hawk with Sabina once leveled)
Attack: Gan Ju, Sonya, Sabina, Isshtak, Hawkmoon (replace Hawk with another red non-healer)
Titan: Gan Ju, Sonya, Sabina, Isshtak, Hawkmoon (replace Hawk with another red non-healer)

I’d level Kiril, Sabina, and whatever 4* or 5* I can summon on the other 3 colors. Though I guess this is probably not the precise plan you’d hoped for. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I had planned. I guess the priority now would be to replace Hawkmoon like I stated above. I don’t mind running double healer on defense but I don’t see the point of that on offense.

Well, personally… I happen to not care about raids (pointless cups rankings), but only about the titan team (ascension materials, yay!).
All this while being amazed about how many people care about the pointless rankings. :slight_smile:

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Being higher ranked is actually worse because it’s harder to farm up your missions and take resources from others. I purposely lose when my mission is on cooldown just to lower my rank and keep it low. This feeds into not wanting to win any of the revenge raids so I can further lower my trophies.

That being said, I think Kiril makes more sense for a titan team than Sonya. So that leaves me needing to replace Hawkmoon now and Sabina down the line.

Hello there, I also have the same dilemma except i have shortage of decent healers. I am currently running my team with kelile, grimm, prisca, berden and shaji. Its even worse because my healer is a 2* and he can do only so much damage at this point compare to my other heroes who is maxed 3* and 3rd tier 4*.

Enough rambling, i think you should level Sabina and summon a red hero to replace Hawkmoon. the sooner you do this the sooner you will get stronger and also can avoid unnecessary resources wastage and you can save up to build training camp 12/13 to get more 3*/4* heroes if you haven’t already.

Agreed, i also like to keep my cups low for easy filling chest and steal iron/food. Protips, levelling up your watch tower and assign weak defense team can attract players to attack you so you will lose more cups. :wink:

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I just bit the bullet and pulled Tiburtus so my upgrade path is clear now. Start replacing three stars starting with Hawkmoon, then green and yellow.

Thanks for the watchtower tip.

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