Team composition input wanted

I’m looking for a little input on a team I’ve been playing around with, I haven’t touched any of them yet and this project is for the future behind other heroes to be done first.

this team I’ve tested the most, just playing through some of the more difficult mana enemy levels in S1 not using any items. it does well for a attack team and I like 3 1 1 teams

but is this better???

or should I go a little more conservative with a healer, all of my teams have one at least and without a ton of emblems to go around some defence could help longevity.

I should say I play with static teams because my roster of fully levelled heroes is limited. are any of these teams worth putting together?? or keep trying other possibilities for something better? any input is welcome

Leave nemo alone, he’s not a good hero. Ferdinand and Tetisheri would be the ones that interest me most. Do you have enough Mats to ascend them fully?

unfortunately not. I have 2 furdinands, one will join one of my existing war teams soon I only need 2 darts, the other is some time away. tet is also a ways back to get done, got a alucard sitting at 3:70 waiting for 1 more rings, then I need my garnet up for another war team, tet is next after.

nemo and Tahir were only there for Matilda but I really need a alfrike or 2x quintus to make her a threat.

right now I’m levelling all these to 3:70 just as soon as I finish my 2x vivica tomorrow or the day after. then I start picking and choosing who comes up.

fur, garnet, tarlak, dom and nyx will all be joining existing war teams, the rest are in play for new teams. maybe you can see something with what I have, there’s also a senan and mitsucko sitting at 3:70 in no mans land of my roster.

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