Team composition dilemma

I need help in team composition for raids mostly. My main team (strongest cards)
– purple: 5* toth-amun. Next is 4* rigard but not developed.
– green: 4* skittleskull but not developed. Here 3* isshtak is used. Albo have kashrek.
– red: 4* boldtusk
– yellow: 4* wu kong, nexi 4* chao
– blue: 4* sonya.

Have some gems to use but what color i should aim? Or macie it is pościele to create strong team basen on the above?

Please share your thoughts.

You have not much of a choice, do you?
your priority is rigard nd kashrek since you have no healer in ur team.
wu kong is awsome.
amun toth, kashrek, boldtusk, wu kong and sonya

if kashrek not developed chane it for skitskull

I don’t like chao, find it preatty much useless…

your heroes altouh few are well balanced so i would go for red since is an atack colour.

hope it helps.

I understand your question as, when you do an elemental summons, what color?

You are in good shape on purple, blue and red. Rigard is a great healer, removing status effects. He pairs nicely with Sonya, who strips buffs from foes and does nice single-target damage. Boldtusk is widely viewed as a top-shelf 4*, he gives you the option of using Thoth instead of Rigard.

So that leave yellow and green:

  • Yellow you have Wu, a seriously great hero but, by design, unreliable because his special either secures the win for you or blows your window of opportunity. Chao is my least-favorite 4* yellow. A yellow pull could improve your daily bench here with Li Xiu or Hu Tao (not everyone’s favorite) or a 5*.
  • Green while some love his high attack stat and the attack debuff (esp against titans), I see Caedmon and Melendor much more often in serious teams. Caedmon is very similar to your Sonya, tho, and Melendor is another healer (and you already have Rigard and Boldtusk). If Thoth is going to be your lead purple, then Melendor would be a nice add.

I’m intentionally omitting any consideration of your drawing a 5*, as the odds are so low and any will add to your bench.

Boldtusk is my healer and it is True he is my only red card.

Keridoc I like your reasoning.

I was thinking about yellow due to high number of 5* stars heros. To be honest i had Hu Tao but found bad opinions about him and he was used as meat.
Li Xiu seems be good for defence team.

I do have some doubts about green. Also looking at Caedmon but what are the chances to roll him?

I strongly urge newer players to hold one of every card you get. The devs tweak heroes often, and you never know when that useless hero suddenly becomes solid.

Re odds, on a single draw it’s about 4% to draw a particular 4* hero from an elemental summons.

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+1 on save at least one of each 4*. Like K mentioned, you never know what the devs will tweak. Plus the collector in me likes it. :slight_smile:

Yup, the odds are about 3% for a 5* and 25% for a (random) 4*. So it’s either 4% or 5% for a specific 4* depending if there are 4 or 5 standard 4*s in that color.

25% for 4* stars is ok but particular one card would be lower.

I do not like hero with low Energy filling and therefor I decide to get rid of Hu Tao.

But you are right about keeping them even not used and n

Update: Caedmon joins the team. Next yellow to roll.

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Nice pull! :+1: Caedmon is a regular on my team. A very effective hero as we see more and more heroes that buff up their allies.

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