Team composition advice

I actually pulled all of the event heros, but no Grave yet. I have enough for 3 single pulls and will keep trying when the elemental summons goes to blue. I’m trying to maximize titan attack first, raid attack second, raid defense third. Please let me know who you think I should work on (red and purple are my main questions):

Red (1 blade, 7 rings): Maxed - BoldTusk and Scarlett. Working on - Natalya (3-28). Bench - G Falcon (2-39), Gormek(1-32), rest are (1-1) – Elena, Red Hood, G. Kong, Khagan, Colen, Kellie

Blue (4 capes, 5 telescopes): Maxed - Grimm, Kiril. Working on - Alasie (3-8). Bench - Sonya (4-56). Rest are (1-1) – Rumplestilskin, Boril

Green (6 shields, 1 tonic): Maxed - Caedmon. Working on - Zeline (4-61). Bench - Melendor (2-25). Rest are (1-1) – Horghall, Kashhrek, Hansel, Peters, Skittleskull, Little John

Purple (11 Traps, 8 tabards): Maxed - Sabina, Rigard. Working on - Tiburtus (4-46). Bench - Aeron (1-16), Cyprian (1-10). Rest are (1-1) – Boss Wolf, Merlin

Yellow (15 orbs, 2 darts): Maxed - Wu. Working on - Delilah (4-47). Bench (all at 1-1) - Justice, Vivica, Leonidas, Gretel, Chao, Li Xui, Hu Tao

To max for titans:

:ok: - Maxed

:1st_place_medal: - 1st to level

:2nd_place_medal: - 2nd to level

:3rd_place_medal: - 3rd to level

  • Red
    • :ok: Boldtusk
    • :ok: Scarlett
    • :1st_place_medal: G. Falcon
    • :2nd_place_medal: Gormek
  • Blue
    • :ok: Grimm
    • :ok: Kiril
    • :1st_place_medal: Alaise
    • :2nd_place_medal: Sonya
  • Green
    • :ok: Caedmon
    • :1st_place_medal: Zeline
    • :2nd_place_medal: Hansel
    • :3rd_place_medal: Melendor
  • Purple
    • :ok: Sabina
    • :ok: Rigard
    • :1st_place_medal: Tiburtus
    • :2nd_place_medal: Merlin
  • Yellow
    • :ok: Wu Kong
    • :1st_place_medal: Delilah
    • :2nd_place_medal: Chao
    • :3rd_place_medal: Gretel

Raid’s defense: Sonya - Zeline - Delilah - Alaise - Peters


Red, Blue and Purple: I completely agree

Yellow: Yes, finish Del, but I’m not very impressed with Chao; Li Xui seems better, and the grading isn’t in on Gretel yet; she looks promising, if not as good as Hansel.

Green: Yes, Zeline first, but Hansel looks better than Peters to me. (And I spent too much failing to pull him. Sigh.) Melendor is far enough along that you might want to take him to 3/60 before you start the next.

None of those I’ve mentioned would fill critical titan roles like Gormek, BT, or Wu; they are just solid heroes to double/triple up a color against titans, so their raid utility is more important.

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The ONLY place Li Xiu is better than Chao is defense tank. Every time I see the Li Xiu on my alt, I think “man that was a waste of 4 Orbs”. Li xiu is terrible offensively.

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So are you saying that Gormek is #2 for a titan (with BoldTusk #1)? If so, should I work on Gormek before Falcon?

So for purple titans, would I run Wu/Delilah or Wu/Chao?

For yellow, I’ve been using Tibs instead of Grimm as I don’t want to sit Wu. Is that a wise strategy?

Thanks for the info so far!

Purple titans, I’d run Wu/Del/BT/Grimm, and pick somebody yellow. If Chao isn’t ready, try Bane or a 3* yellow if you’ve got one maxed until Chao grows up a bit. Or Gretel or Li if you prefer.

Yellow titans, I’d run Wu/Tibs/Sabina/Rigard/BT/ Maybe sub another hitter for one of Sabina or Rigard, but tile damage would be better with three powerful purples.

General formula is Wu + Pulverizer of an appropriate color + Attack buff of an appropriate color + color specific def debuf (falcon) if you got one, and a total of 3-4 strong color, no weak color.

Can anyone in here give me some advice about what heroes to use in my 3 teams Titan, Raid and Defence.

Been playing for a long time so I have some nice heroes at 5* and 4*

Red: Gravemaker, Azlar, Marjana at 5* and Colen at 4*

Green: Horghall, Elkanen at 5* Melenor 4*

Blue: Richard at 5* and Boril, Kiril, Sonya 4*

Purple: Sartana, Quintus, Obakan at 5* and Sabine 4*

Yellow: Musashi, Vivica, Joon, Justice at 5*

Any suggestions?

Oh, I’ve missed Hansel! :scream:

I’ll fix the list!

Ok, so for green, finish Zeline, get Melendor to 3-60 (currently at 2-24), then max out Hansel. Looks like green is planned out for the foreseeable future :slight_smile: .


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