Team choises - help please


Hey fellow players :slight_smile:

i often lose raids against lower teams and get outnumbered in titan fights.
Atm we encounter 5 and 6* titans.

My heros are:
Red (can ascend one):
Scarlett 3/60, Elena 2/39, Guardian Falcon 1/13

Cyprian 4/50, Sabina 1/1 (just got her)

Richard 2/60

Musashi 3/25, Hu Tao 3/50, Guardian Jackal 1/1, Chao 1/1

Melendor 3/60, Caedmon 2/13, Skittleskull 1/13, Alberich 1/1, Brienne 3/50 (buff for titans)

What teams would you recommend for raid def, raid attack and titans(if possible)



As ill vouche again, the main things you want for offensive titan/ generic team is buffs.
Your current line up has none of that, so then it falls down to having best stats, debuffs/ heals.

That being said, this is what i would run…

Elena, cyprian, richard, Musashi, Melandor.

Melandor over alberich because you dont have a solid healer. You can switch those two out later when sabina gets stronger, though id keep cyprian as reflect damge is handy for dealing with hard hitting event monsters.

No Brienne in your team as its way too weak to run her. Your team is gonna get turned into scraps fast. Can’t use her ability if your entire team is dead.

Raid defense setup would be this…

Musashi, elena, richard, cyprian, melandor.


Hey Tunafish,

thanks for your reply.
Brienne works fine for me while fighting 5* and most of the 6* titans.
If we get to 7* she wont be of any help, just like you said.

Any other opinions?


Add Scarlet and Jackal on the list, and take in consideration to double their color on the respective weak titans.
From your team i guess you spend something, so i suggest you to go for Boldtusk to replace Brienne.


Hey Elips,

thanks. I was planing on gambling for an offensive purple (tibertus if im lucky) or an alternativ blue (for red titans) before i go for an attack replacement (bold tusk or wu kong)


I agree with Elpis on BoldTusk. I cried (heh) when Brienne was no longer helpful, but Boldtusk has been a good replacement.