Team building suggestions


Here’s what I have to work with. I’d like to get some suggestions about what combination of heroes would do the best in a Raid scenario. Thanks


Defense: Sabina - Gormek - Horghall - Perseus - Delilah

Attack: Boldtusk - (X1) - Perseus - (X2) - Horghall

X1= Sabina, Sonya, Caedmon
X2= Gormek, Delilah


Thanks! Ill try a few permutations but this looks like the best formula


Im new here so pls forgive me for this stupid question :smiley:
How can I make defense team? When I go to heroes tab and click on defence team, nothing happens… I am lvl 8 in a game and Im stuck at 4/10 with bloody golems (or whatever they are)…