Team building help request

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me :heart:

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my pleasure, teach a man to fish as they say

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Yes, and teach this woman to fish and she’ll run back to her group and share all of this new knowledge with them!

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U have pretty good options… Assuming that u can have only 4* heroes (absence of 4* mats to level 5*heroes) :

C Kelile - Gullinbursty - C Boril - Tiburtus - C Caedmon


Gormek - Plotemy - Li Xiu - C Grimm - Tiburtus

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last great tip I can think of is get your advanced house to level 7 as fast as you can! a level 7 advanced house gives you enough free recruits to keep your training camps running cheep slow training. when you save up some recruits you can switch 1 or 2 of your camps to faster training to level up faster. its a game changer not having to worry about playing enough to keep your camps going

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I don’t have any advanced houses yet :frowning: once i recover from Thanksgiving, i will inventory my builds and check back in :slight_smile: Happy Thanksgiving!

Also, what would you do with the last of this path? Thank you for your help!

Take the mana node, then the last one.
But remember to good defense results in low riposte damage.

You need 12% adfitional mana generstion to fire him after 9 tiles in offense, defense is more complicated to calculate, but the higher the mana generation the earlier he can fire his special.
With the 2% mana talent node, a lvl.11 mana troop is sufficient to shave off one tile.

Happy gaming

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Thank you :blush: :heartbeat: :relaxed: I really appreciate the help!