Team building advice for a newbie

I have Gormek and Kiril working together (with Caedmon, Domitia, and Bane…can’t land a decent Holy hero). I like how their specials work together with offense/defense. I recently pulled Grimm and Boldtusk, which offers a similar special combo. Which of those combos should I max first? Kiril/Gormek or Grimm/Boldtusk? I only have the mats for one blue and one red at the moment.
Any advice appreciated.

I like kiril better than boldtusk personally. His defense buff is very nice and his base attack stat is higher thank boldtusks. Gormek is very tough as well, high HP and solid defence.

Either combo is very powerful and a solid foundation to build a full 4* team on.

I prefer Boldtusk because of his stronger attack buff. Given your current team composition though, with you only fielding one healer, Kiril’s defense buff is highly useful to you. So I’d go for Kiril in your case.

I would do both Kiril and Boldtusk will give you more options when attacking for mixing up your teams and still having an attack buff