Team Building Advice (First 5* Raid + War Defense)

Hi all,

I would appreciate some insight on building the best raid and war defense team from my roster.

My goal is to put together my first 5* defense that could hold me in diamond.

Let’s assume I have ascension materials to max one hero of each element now, or am close to it.

Alice / Athena / Richard / Isarnia

Zimkitha / Azlar

Evelyn (Maxed)

Onatel / Vivica / Inari

Khiona / Domitia / Thoth-Amun

Raid Defense

  • I’m planning on running: Zimkitha - Evelyn - Onatel - Khiona - Alice
  • I’ve also considered running: Zimkitha - Athena - Onatel - Khiona - Evelyn
  • Is there a better play here? I’m not concerned about excluding healers, since 4 out of 5 are self-healing, but I have been tempted to max Vivica.

War Defense

  • Is there an ideal composition for Arrow Barrage, Attack Boost, and Field Aid from this roster?

Many thanks in advance – you’re kind for reading another team building thread.

If you’ll like healing

Eve Alice Viv Domi Azlar

or fast strike

Eve Alice Onatel Khiona Azlar

I’d prefer to use Azlar instead of Zimi in a rainbow. Zimi doesn’t fear me as much as Azlars DoT. A fast red would be cool.

Maybe I’d even go stacked with

Viv Alice Onatel Eve Inari

I hadn’t considered these lineups at all - thanks for chiming in!

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