Team build

Hi all,

I have been playing for a while and am wondering if I have a good team and what the best way is to build one.

Hi, you could find useful informations here:

Good game :slight_smile:

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You have some 3* already, so build around them. Don’t worry about levelling a second team of 2*.

Keep levelling your base at a good pace, the key training camp levels are within reach, with a bit of effort.

As @FraVit93 has said, read some of the many great player guides.

Are you in an alliance? A good teaching alliance is a source of wisdom and community.

Ours is Guardians Ascending, or there is a list of good ones here:

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Hi Lesley,

I am in your Alliance. Thanks for the advice, I am building my stronghold and watchtower as much as I can and I also upgrade the food/iron storage too and the training camps.


Sorry I didn’t recognize you, Phoenix. Welcome to Guardians!
Phelan and Arthur/Annie are a great source of wisdom.

And we have a Line app group too shared between Reborn and Ascending. Scorpio and kingdom beyond are regular contributors

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I am not sure what the line up app means Lesley.

Line is a chat app. It allows members of our alliances to discuss the game or anything else.

We can also save lots of advice and information.

It’s available for Android or iOS. It’s your choice, no one has to have it.

If you do get it search for jb-flite or annie_br and we’ll add you to the group.

It looks like this in android playstore:

Thanks! Downloaded the app and send you both a message.

How do I post something I would like some advice?

You are in a forum. There is an icon upper right for “new topic”.

Newish players can’t start threads.

Tell the new guy.

And explain 20 characters

Thanks, I was just trying to figure out how to use what I have my guild isn’t very talkative.

Don’t level your watchtower at all. The lower your watchtower is the less food and iron will be stolen from you when you are raided.