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So I have a fair amount of gems saved up but Im not sure what to go for next. I only do elemental summons, but which element am I weakest in/which heroes should I be going for?

I currently have:
Green: Lianna, Elkanen (useless I think)
Blue: Persius
Red: Elena
Yellow: Musashi, Vivica
Purple: Domitia

My 4 star teams are very defensive which I find quite boring. Ultimately I want my 5 star teams to be competing in the higher ranks of challenge events and doing more titan damage. Any advice is much appreciated.

If you don’t have the materials to ascend at least 2 five star heroes per color, then you most likely can’t be very competitive in the event or do more damage on a titan. Still a lv 70 four star hero iis stronger then a lv 70 five star, and some of the 4 have great skills to improve the damage.
So if you have to do some pulls, keep at least some 4*.

That said, i’ll go for some blue and red for now.

Yeah, I still primarily use 4* but I certainly don’t need any more of them. I have 2 or 3 of every element. So when thinking about how to use gems I’m only focusing on 5* (the long game).

I also thought blue, but not really sure who I want. The heroes I really want are all old HOTM

You mean “Athena” :wink:

Magni is a popular choice for a blue hero. A bit squishy, but powerful attacker with a generic defense buff. Similar to Perseus but more generically useful.

For the regular red 5*, I think the ranking is Marjana > Azlar > Elena > Khagan. I’d put Ares above Marjana and Natalya between Marjana and Azlar.

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