Team Balance & Application Help Wanted

Been playing a week or so, level 14. I crammed a bunch of guides and I think I’ve got a somewhat decent handle on things so far, but I’d like to make sure I’m on the right track for my team setups.

3 & 4 HERO LIST**
Kelile, Boldtusk, Colen, Gormek, Scarlett, Tiburtus, Sabrina, Caedmon, Skittleskull, Boril, Melendor, Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju, Dawa, Ulmer, Graymane, Valen, Gunnar, Balthazar, Oberon, Prisca, Friar Tuck, Carver, Berden, Renfeld, Jahangir, Azar, Hawkmoon, Nashgar

(I’ve wasted food leveling some of them, but I think it’s not really worth mentioning who at this time)

I’m struggling a bit on balance between the DDD (Deeps, Defense, De-buffs)

Titan’s I’m guessing I want high tiles and deeps, stamina/health midline concern, debuffs not as much of a factor. (I’m keen on running duplicate elements for the increased tile deeps and customize team as I can)

Raids, War, and Tournament I’m thinking I want more of a balance, maybe a hair more toward deeps & tiles.

Defense I’m thinking I want to lean more toward stamina/health, debuffs, with damage being a bit less important.

Sound about right? Advice on general balance strategy is welcomed.

Here’s what I’m thinking for teams:

Ordered Offense (high deeps, buff/debuff) - Balthazar, Berden, Bane, Boldtusk, Valen
Ordered Offense (AOE slaughter) – Melendor, Tiburtus, Kelile, Ulmer, Gan Ju
Ordered Defense (debuff rage inducer) – Bane, Berden, Hawkmoon, Boril, Tiburtus

I really struggled with some of the hero picks…

Caedmon vs Berden in Offense team 1? – went with attack debuff to weaken dangerous hero’s.

Boril vs Valen in Offense team 1? – went for the higher tile/deeps.

Hawkmoon vs Boldtusk in Defense team? - went for higher tile deeps.

Scarlett vs Kelile in Offense team 2? - went for the faster build/higher deeps special.

Any comments/suggestions on the teams?


Your 4*'s will be stronger than any 3’s.
Caedmon debuff all enemies more valuable.
Boril value is in the risposte, and difficult to kill.
Bodldtusk heal and att up.
Gormek is made for def. Very hard to kill (high health).
Still you should max your 3’s they are very handy in a lot of situation.
You could level your heroes by giving 1*'s to 3*'s and 2*'s to 4*'s.
Dawa, Greymane, Oberon, Prisca, Friar Tuck, Carver, Renfeld are NOT a priority. :grin:
In 4’s Boldtusk, Gormek, Caedmon, Sabrina are.
The others are also very good.
Many, more experienced, players will probably drop by and help you also.
Have fun.

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Basic color stack based on standar +att our allies and -def opponent team strategy so far, IMO:

Titan +Att -Def -Def (Element) +Att Stack Rest Strong color
Red Kiril Athena/Grimm/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen Frida/Atrhur Miki/Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak Blue Heroes
Blue Gaderius*/Brienne Buddy Evelyn Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Green Heroes
Green Boldtusk/Zimkitha/Ares*/Lancelot* Wilbur/Gormek/Santa Falcon Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu/Miki Red Heroes
Yellow Khionna* Cashire Cat/Tiburtus/Kunchen/Gill-Ra Panther Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Purple Heroes
Purple - - Jackal Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak/Miki Yellow Heroes

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