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Hi guys. I need your help. I finally have enough heroes to have to make a choice (albeit a pretty small one). What should my raid defense (and AW defense) be?


I think your top 5 are a solid rainbow defense team. I’d arrange them: Grimm - Boldtusk - Sabina - Wu Kong - Isshtak. Both Balthazar and Nashgar are better than Ishhtak imo, but doubling a color on defense isn’t the best idea for wars unless your entire alliance has coordinated on a strategy to systematically stack one color. I’d also work on Caedmon ASAP, since he’d be a great replacement for Ishhtak. Melendor is also very good, but I’d level him later since you already have 2 good healers.

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:
That’s what I’ve been thinking. I just got Caedman a few minutes ago from my TC13. I’ll try to give Caedman a big banquet tonight, and hopefully he’ll be ready for the first war tomorrow.

He won’t be better than Ishhtak till his 3rd ascension. Work on him, but don’t sub him in till later.

Okay. Thanks.
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Wharflord, what makes you say this? As long as you separate the like colors, It’s my understanding that it isn’t a bad thing at all. Also, can you expand on the alliance color stacking thing? I don’t see why having everyone with the same weakness would be a benefit.

Doubling up a color on defense makes it stronger for the attacker to color stack. It’s even better if the two heroes of the same color are next to each other, but they can be separate and still give the attacker an advantage. This effect is particularly strong in alliance wars because color stacking tends to make the raid faster (win or loss) and therefore reduces the power of the revenge mechanic, which is again bad for the defender.

There is a strategy that my alliance and others we’ve fought are experimenting with, where everyone stacks a single color. We did red for example, so everyone had Ares / Azlar / Elena / Colen / Boldtusk point, with perhaps another red on a wing. The idea behind this is that you deplete the attackers’ reserves of a single color, in this case blue. Without such coordination, each attacker will be able to find a defensive team where he can effectively use double red, another for double green, blue, purple, and yellow, and thereby use all their good heroes. With this strategy, it’s much harder for attackers to find good matchups to use their heroes of any color except the one the defenders choose.

I see that attackers get more benefit out of color stacking as you say, but there’s ways to mitigate that. 1) You can separate the heroes so that they aren’t both hit by the same combo, as you point out. 2) Noone says you have to double up on the Tank’s color! You could have a Red tank with 2 greens right behind him so that if they double on blue to kill the tank, they’re going to be weak against the next line. This requires some depth of bench to pull off, but very effective.

I think it comes down to what you have. I would want to put out my strongest team on D, whether that was a rainbow team or one with a double color.

As to your AW strategy - very cool! That’s a really interesting strategy that I’m going to bring up with my alliance!

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