Team advice, thank you in advance

Hi all,
Not a complete noob but so far I have just upgraded what I have, recently I got few new 4* and 5* so I need help.
My team setup left to right:
Delilah (3/70), Gormek 4/70, Boril 4/70 Tiburtus 4/70, Melendor 4/70
Half upg. heros:
Gormek 3/50, Grimm 4/64, Danzaburo 3/40, Quintus 2/30, Kashhrek 3/20
No upg. Heros:
Zimikitha, Kiril, Sumitomo, Chao, LiuXiu x2

Please advise on setups so I can decide on upgades.

Raids both off and deff?

Thank you.

Kashh is a good tank for War and Raid Defence up to a certain point (Mid-Platinum).

Kashh is also useful for hard bosses because he is hard to kill.

Zimkitty is all-round useful for everything, and is one of the better support characters for your other heroes. As many have said, she’s the only fast cleanser in the game and will help your heavy hitters.

If you can max Delilah she is a solid healer and useful in most situations.

Chao is a good single hitter.

I think you lack some snipers but maybe some setups could be:

Chao - Zim - Delilah - Tib - Grimm (vulnerable to purple stack)

Zim - Delilah - Kashhrekk - Boril - Tib (Bit too defensive and passive for my liking though - Boril isn’t too much of a threat I think)

Grimm - Zim - Kashhrekk - Tib - Delilah (Bit more balanced maybe but Tib and Grimm are a bit weak defensively)

Kiril is generally useful in most situations.

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What do you think if for raids I go a bit red/yellow

Chao, Zimikitha, Delilah, Sumitomo, Gormek

That lineup would be good against green tanks


Another one that might be good is:

Chao, Zimiktha, Delilah, Quintus, Gormek

get zim and gormek increase and soften and then trigger chao and quintus,
any opinions?

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Not bad actually, just be careful of purple stack.

Quintus might not get to go off but Delilah as tank increases his chances!!

Has anyone used Quintus as tank before? He’ll die but cause damage in the process. @Rigs?

Quintus is vulnerable to Guardian Jackal though I guess.

I think I definitely prefer Delilah in tank

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I wouldnt use quintus at tank due to his stats he’s better at flank. Too soft for tank. Justice, horg, and isarnia are the only 3 regular 5* slow mana AoE I’d consider using at tank. Some like azlar at tank, but I cant recall a time he fired before death, now that’s board reliant as well but still better at flank in my opinion.

Just opinions and food for thought though


Any opinions on def setup?

Zimikitha, Melendor, Delilah, Boril, Tiburtus maybe

Too many passive or healers I think in the middle. I tried a similar setup before but got owned. I think too many healers is not good in a defence team. Max 2 I think but it depends on the arena

How about this. I think this isn’t bad

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I’ve been toyin with it too. Options are just limited and i haven’t been able to put together a satisfactory result. I thought about setup similar to yours only with mel in chaos spot.

Definitely goin to take some unfavored strategies to put his d team together but there are combos there that could work until roster is further developed

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Ok then Chao and Zim will go to fastlane upgrade for now
Thank you all

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