Team advice: Raids

Hey guys looking to solidify my thoughts on my raiding teams, both offense and defense. Please excuse my lack of screenshots.

Currently running on both offense and defense in order: Caed, Sabina, Marj, Li, Sonya. All fully levelled.

I also have (fully levelled): Boril, Wu, and Bold.

And lastly i just summoned Justice. Have not levelled her yet but i do have the mats to take him all the way.

Thoughts? Thank you!

From defense, I’d pull Sonya and replace her with Boldtusk. Also move Sabina to far left so her special fire first if both she and Caedmon are ready.

On defense, it really depends on what you’re facing. Wu, BT and Marjana are a good backbone. I’d only bring Boril if you face an AoE or 3-target hero (not a splash hero, but one that hits all three equally, e.g. Thoth).

Justice is a solid tank that would improve your defense.

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What does AoE stand for, @Kerridoc? I keep trying to figure this one out…

Aoe means Area Of effect. Basically an abbreviation for a hero who hits all 5 enemies when there special hits.
Dot hero’s are damage over time heroes, like ones who burn or poison, where damage is received each turn for a set period of turns.


I would not replace Sonya with BT. The more healers you have and fewer hitters,the weaker your defense gets as you go up in cups. I’m not sure what cups the OP is at, but once you get to a point where attackers have a good stable of heroes, multiple non-attackers become a liability, unless they have a crazy set of abilities like Ares and Albi and the like.

If you’re going to replace anyone and put BT in, replace Sabina. And then I’d pretty much put BT as tank because you don’t want Marj and BT next to each other as reds and BT in the corner is weak. So something like Caed Li BT Sonya Marjana, though that might not be stronger than what you have. Test it out. I’ll assume you’re higher in cups past the point where Boril is useful.

Justice is a good tank - not in the Ares, Hel, Guen, Albi top tier, but in the next “excellent” tier. If you have her max, then something like Caed BT Justice Marjana Sonya.


Ive never been sold on boril as a good defender but until recently he was in my lineup. I replaced him with sonya for her hitting power and have been pretty happy with it. Im keeping myself in the 2300 cup range only raiding for chest now. Think that’s pretty good. Was wondering if i chose a good place for marj too. Seems like she could be deadly annoying as a tank. Once i get justice levelled i will have him as tank though.

Thanks for all the advices!

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Yes, Marjana is annoying as a center. She is the tankiest of the one-shot power hitters, so with her fast mana she can usually get off a couple of hits before dying, sometimes three if you’re lucky.

Hate Marjana tanks with passion.

why boril ceases to be useful in defense in high trophies? I think it’s very good, it has a very good defense and if it takes a long time to charge your hero to take away his counterattack state you are lost

Boril first is just a 4* hero (all top players don’t have a 4* central) and has not one but even two natural enemies: Caedmon and Melendor.
Just too easy to counter.

And i agree too that Marjana is an annoying tank.
Sometimes worst then Ares.

I agree about only having 1 healer in the raid team. But what would any of you suggest if having both Rigard and Blodtusk and replace each one of them with a hitter. Which one should be prefered?

Which healer would be preferable to keep? My feeling is rigard. He heals for more and his secondary is hard to come by. With 3 debuffes i do not fear the likes of boril, but i pass on colen alot.