Team - Advice on my setup (2500PL)

Hi Guys,

Been playing for a little over a month now and wanted your 2 Cents on my team.

This is what i’m currently running with.

And I just know that my team has too many healers, and lacking offensive. I’m thinking about switch Aeron out for Tiburtus, for that sweet defensive ability. Another option is possibly switch kiril out for Grimm and then keeping Aeron, but i just feel Kiril is too good to let go atm, and Belith is my only debuffer atm. All my heroes are below.

Cheers everyone and appreciate you taking the time to look over and give a response.

I should mention, that I’m going to switch Bane > Li Xui once I have her leveled a bit more.

I like the team: Grimm, Boldtusk, Aeron, Belith and Li Xiu.

you lose a 5* but you gain a debuffer

Thanks Jomabesada,

I had the debuffer before with Belith in my team.

Currently my team is: Belith, Kiril, Elena, Li Xui(soon) and Aeron.

I’ve found Elena’s counter is really good in Raids, and is considered more of a tank then Aeron in my center.

I should clarify too, that initially team is my raid defence and offensive (this varies depending on what colour the other team is duplicating; eg: if they had two reds, I’ll take Grimm as well for extra damage).

My titan team usually consist’s of: Grimm, Boldtusk, Belith, XXXXX, YYYYYY. With XY being whatever the colour the titan is weakness.

@Rilo, I strongly suggest you focus on your 4*'s before putting any more energy into the 5*'s at your level.
My suggestion for an all-purpose team:
Boldtusk, LiXiu, Kiril, Tibs, Grimm

Check Elena’s current attack and defense stats and compare with any of those heroes - I bet the 4*'s are all higher than her right now, and will give you more bang for your buck. Don’t worry too much about fielding a non-rainbow team. It will teach you how to manipulate boards to get the colors you need that will be a super valuable lesson for later on.

You have REALLY strong red, purple, and blue heroes as a foundation (arguably the best in each of those colors). Focus your pulls on Green first, then yellow. You’re looking for a Caed or Melendor, Wu or Chao.


Right now given your levels, swap grimm for aeron. I would focus on heroes that make a difference in getting ascension materials - namely increasing titan damage and helping do all stages of rare quests. For your heroes that means Kiril, Grimm, Tibertus, Boldtusk. Aeron is good but you should use trap tools to 70 on Tibs first.

You’ll want to level Li Xiu, but honestly, she’s really only better than meh on defense - she’s a medicore rare quest/event completion hero. I’d park her at 3/60 and wait for a better yellow (Wu Kong, Chao, or any non-Justice 5 star yellow) to take to 70. I took Li on my alt to 70 because she was what I had…and I wish I could erase her and get the Orbs back.

Defense is the LAST thing you want to worry about as new player building a hero roster.

And stop leveling 2* heroes. You will outgrow them very very quickly if you haven’t already, given your new heroes. Those are only good for feeding other heroes => 3*

Thanks guys appreciate your comments!!

Changing my TC’s so i can pump out some Feeds to focus levelling on the above.

It feels weird giving Elena, but I know Boldtusk is the best choice to level quickly, as he is a titan killing machine.