Team advice needed!

Hi guys, I started the game as a bit of fun but got hooked in! I’ve come to a cross roads tho and don’t like my scatter gun approach, I want to get the best out of my teams. These are my heroes.

I just wondered what people thought:

  1. My current best attack team
  2. My current best defence team
  3. My potential best attack team if ascended
  4. My potential best defence team if ascended

Any advice appreciated. Thanks :pray:t2:

I believe you’re going to be told to try to ascend one good hero at a time ,I have made that mistake but a Fully ascended four star hero at Max skill at Level 23 looks good. But if you Fully leveled him or her you will notice a huge difference in power. I will concede further replies to more experienced players. Good luck

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You could consider focusing finishing a rainbow team of 4*. A possible order per color, assuming same color feeding:

Red: Wilbur, BT, Kelile
Blue: Grimm, Triton
Green: Kashrek (he can be your tank on defense), Gadeirus, Belith, LJ
Purple: Tiburtus, Sabina, Ameona
Yellow: Li (almost fimished), Chao, Danza

5* you can consider when you are getting close to having all final tier ascension materials.


Thanks for the reply, as I say my approach has been a bit scatter gun so trying to set a better path!

I’ll try just levelling 4* for now then. So you would level Tiburtus instead of Sabina? A fully levelled purple 4* wouldn’t be much more than my level 3 Domitia?

Tib might be better over Sabina, because you already have good healers and utility heroes (wilbur, BT, Kashrek) and the team would need a damage dealer more than another healer who is weaker than bt/Kashrek.

5* are often squishy at 3/70, their potential is bigger on final ascension - but that requires rare mats, takes a long time to acquire them. By leveling 4*, you would have a more useful bench while waiting mats for the 5*s.

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