Team advice for new player

Hi all, I’m a recent board joinee *and new to E&P, about 3 weeks in) and I was hoping to get some expert advice from the folks here. I have spent a few $$ on the game and lucked out with a few decent hero pulls and I would like to put together the best defense raid team with these heroes.

Any additional advice on offensive raid teams and who may be a good idea to level at some point for titans would also be greatly appreciated! I’ll list the 4* and 5* heros I have per each color and in parentheses include the number I have in case multiple on a team would be useful.

Purple: Rigard, Tibertus (3), Cyprian (2)
Yellow: Joon, Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Chao
Blue: King Arthur, Grimm, Kiril, Boril (2)
Green: Little John (2), Caedmon (2)
Red: Kelile (2), Boldtusk (2), Gormek (2), Sir Lancelot, Scarlett (3)

I was thinking:

Boldtusk, Rigard, King Arthur, Gormek, Joon (left to right) for raid defense and

Boldtusk, Rigard, King Arthur, Little John, Joon for general purpose offense/PvE.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance all :slight_smile:

Hi friend, do you have all the items for ascension? your training looks good yes the question is whether you will have all items to ascend heroes 5 *EAD2C00C-DE18-437B-B611-A72D0CCC1C67

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That’s a great start hero-wise. It may take you a while to get everything worked up to a decent power level. Do you have an alliance that can help along the way?

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I don’t currently have all of the ascension materials but want to work towards the best end goal. I understand that the best team possible when fully ascended may not be the best team for the near term. I would like to focus on the long term as I have a decent enough team currently leveled to keep me in gold cup arena wise, which is good enough for me right now.

Thanks for the reply! And yes, I have a very friendly and active alliance and I think I can start being a help in another month of playing, which will probably give me better rewards (and them too!).

consider Caedmon instead of Little John (painfully slow)
forget about Chao & Scarlett
great choice: Joon, King Arthur
healers: ok
very helpful for fighting stronger enemies and for special events: Cyprian/Boril (reflection)
Grim + King Arthur + Kiril → blue killing squad

Thanks! I was on the fence with Caedmon/Little John, but when I face a LJ and he pops his special, it is quite painful from then on out. I think I’ll make Caedmon my first ‘secondary’ leveling, and then maybe Boril (he always seems tanky as well)