Team Advice For Friend

Took a snapshot of my buddy’s team. Any advice on positioning or where he needs to strengthen? Thank you in advance!

This is a very tanky, slow team. All of the attackers are slow mana, all-foe hits. Devastating combination when they hit, but they could get taken out before having a chance to attack.

I would rearrange a bit, going Isarnia, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Little John, Hu Tao. Isarnia and Hu Tao are high defense, so they don’t need to hide as much under Cyprian’s shield. (Scarlett is going to think twice about hitting Little John when he has Riposte up.)

I would be looking to bring some attack diversity to the team with future summons. I’d like to add either Caedmon or Sonya, to bring some single-target, fast hits plus dispel. I’d also want at least one of Grimm, Tibertus or Gormek.

Obviously all of these heroes need a lot of leveling up! Isarnia is problematic here because, like all 5* heroes, she is so expensive to level up. I would look first to find a replacement for her in either Grimm or Sonya. Once the 4* blue hero is complete, then go back and work on her (or perhaps another hero you’ve gotten in the meanwhile).


Thanks for the advice, I’ll pass it on! You’re a believer of Cyprian in front over all others there though?

Yes, that’s clearly the best place for a Perfect Riposte special. All tiles from the center three columns will hit a riposte-guarded hero, maximizing your opponent’s pain. Cyprian’s also very tanky, once leveled up.

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