Team advice ascension and emblems

EDIT: New questions see down below! Thx.

Hi there,

goty my first rainbow 4* team maxed (Sabina, Colen, Sonya, LiXiu, Skittles) and working on more.

  1. Whom to level on blue ? Boril or Agwe?

  2. Whom to ascend now / later? (Rigard and Khagan for sure)…only got 2 pair of gloves now…I’m always short on gloves.

Got ascended already : Tiburtus Kiril Sumitomo…so may be yellow or green would be useful

  1. Emblems for…?
    Barbarian: Little John / Namahage
    Cleric: Rigard
    Wizard: Kiril/Proteus

Thx Viking

Definitely Boril. Not much love for Agwe around here.

Yeah, Rigard is one of those show-stoppers that you have to level. I had to leave off leveling my Domitia after I pulled him yesterday. Of course, so is Proteus, so you’ve got a decision to make there.

Not so sure about prioritizing Khagan. Right now, taking him to 2^60 seems to make sense (assuming this is your whole roster), but if you are already short of gloves, I wouldn’t use those on him unless you have or will soon have the mystic rings to max him.

Same caution about Guardian Owl. If you don’t have the darts, don’t use the gloves for him. You’ll probably get many more sets of gloves before you get the darts. I can’t speak about Hu Tao, as I don’t have him, but I was pleasantly surprised with Danzaburo (now have him at +6). If you don’t have any other yellow options besides what I see here, maybe consider him. There are several threads about him on the boards if you want to research first.

I’d be hesitant to use emblems on a 3-star if I had a 4-star option, so probably LJ over Namahage.

I’m having the same debate on cleric emblems. I’ve recently pulled (and am currently leveling) both Boril and Rigard. Rigard is the better hero overall, but I’m leaning toward Boril for the emblems so he can be my defense team tank. Only you know how you plan to play and how important your tank will be to you. Right now Danza is my tank, if that helps you any.

I wish I could help you on Kiril vs. Proteus, but I don’t have either. Since you have Kiril near max and Proteus not yet ascended, I would think this is only a debate if you decide to ascend Proteus with your gloves now (which would be a very defensible decision, imo.) Good luck.

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You have a very nice problem to have in the purple department… Rigard is pretty widely considered one of the best 4* heroes, period. However, so is Proteus, but for different reasons. Rigard can be very stout with emblems and is a must-use for a lot of people with raids, but Proteus will carry you through the hardest levels of various events that show up. I’m partial to Proteus, but that’s because I’ve never pulled a Rigard!

Emblem-wise, I personally went with Proteus over Kiril. 1 - Because I use Proteus more, and 2 - Because outside of the stat boosts, Kiril doesn’t really benefit from emblems, whereas Proteus does. I agree with Weasel about not using emblems on a 3* if you have a 4* option.

Assuming what you’ve posted is all of your higher-level heroes, I would not bother leveling any of the 5* now. They are very resource intensive. 4* heroes will be the backbone of your roster for a long time, and other than Agwe, I think all the ones you have are worth of ascending eventually. I wouldn’t bother leveling Agwe at all. I have him at 3x60, and I don’t think I’ve ever used him, for wars or otherwise.

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Yes these are all of my higher ones.

Tank is Li Xiu 4.70 + 7…don’t think to replace her with Boril.

Blue: Agwe might be better on my titan team than Boril.Or I could do a second Sonya…

Only have got one set of trap tools…so it’s just Rigard xor Proteus in purple.
I know that I will ascend Proteus some day…but I think it will be after Rigard.

Right now I’m using Kiril more often than Proteus…just my second healer after Sabina.
How does Proteus benefit from emblems as he is doing no direct damage? Attack value increases poison damage…

G.Owl: Only got 2 darts
Khagan: Only got 4 rings

Thx 4 your answers

I think Boril will be better at Titan’s than Agwe. His reflect when a titan fires an AoE attack does some decent damage. And Boril will live longer.

Higher attack stat on Proteus means his DoT hits for more damage. And purples tiles hit for more damage too (Although, the same could be said for emblem’ing Kiril). But, if you use Kiril more, then definitely emblem him (Especially if you’re not going to max Proteus right now).


Congrats on your team so far, you have some really good heroes to work with. And plenty of work to do now that you have Rigard and Boril to focus on. I still use Kiril and Rigard in S2 hard and gave my emblems to Rigard over my 5* cleric.

Of all the heroes in your lineup though, my heart belongs to Danzaburo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

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2 weeks later

Made significant leveling progress:

Sumitomo-> 4.70 +1
Namahage->3.50 (last skill missing)
Khagan -> 2.49

Kiril -> 4.70 + 9
Boril -> 3.51

Tiburtus -> 4.70 + 7
Rigard -> 3.60

Little John -> ascend -> 4.70 + 9

Hu Tao -> ascend -> 4.18

So I used one pair of gloves on Little John ( gave emblems) and one on Hu Tao (just today).They may be not the best heroes but they really helped me out in wars and raids so I don’t regret any decision I have made.

So right now I got a new pair of gloves and only can ascend 1 hero:

  1. Proteus
  2. Rigard + Emblems
  3. Khagan
  4. One of the others…Boril, Danza, Owl

So despite the plan of giving emblems to Rigard and replacing Sabina in my def team, I tend to ascend Proteus first.
In the past 2 weeks I used Proteus a lot and he was dying too quickly. Rigard I only used in wars.For offense Sabina was stronger than him and I needed the debuff effect more than I might needed cleansing of Rigard.So this speaks for Proteus going up.

Khagan was dying too quickly, too. So he will be my first candidate for next pair of gloves…still missing 2 rings.

Any suggestions?

As for Khagan, even if you are 2 rings shy, i would let him stay at 2/60, and the others 5*, because they require a huge amount of food/feeders. You are short of gloves ( for what i understand), and you’ve got some great 4* to ascend. These 4* will help you more than a 3/70 Khagan, in my opinion.

As for your question, give your gloves to Proteus, you won’t regret it. He can single-handedly clear events, class quests and season 2 hard stages.

  1. Boril
  2. Rigard/Proteus
  3. Barbarian - wait for a Grimm or Gormek
    Cleric - Rigard (def/hp route)
    Wizard - Proteus

Thx Airhawk,

appreciate your answer but the original questions already shifted.

Little John in my defense team helped me holding around 100 cups more (now ~ 2250). By the time I get a maxed Grimm / Gormek, I consider a change of emblems.

Yes it’s like my personal bane of the game. Got enough compasses (10) but always only a few gloves. So I am considering gloves as 3.5 * ascension materials :grinning::grin::grin::joy::joy::joy:

About the value of Proteus…yeah discovered that but keeping him alive was kind of a pain. That’s why I shifted my mind maxing him first.So Rigard will have to wait for 3 more trap tools.

LJ - put him in the right wing position
Owl should be right wing once he is up

I would recommend for you currently:

Rigard - Sumitomo - Boril - Khagan - LJ

Makes sense…but I skipped my first rainbow team in terms of pictures.

Here is my current defense team:

I thought about swapping LJ <-> Colen back…

Thanks for your input!

Sabina dies too quickly. Use Rigard instead. Your middle 3, you are basically betting that your opponent has a really bad board.

Yeah once Rigard is 4.70 + ?.

Well my bets are at least 50% wins…i’m fine with that.

Sumitomo and Boril would overwrite each other,wouldn’t they?

That does’t matter.

It is to see how the enemy would stack against you.
If they stack green against Boril, they would have to use the same green against Sumi and Khagan.

If they allow Khagan to fire, LJ would have much quicker time to launch his assault.
Rigard, in the case they ever let him charge and heal your whole team.

I really :heart: Sumi…how about Colen instead of Sumitomo?

So you would advise me to take Boril to maximum…interesting. ( 4 gloves: Rigard Boril Khagan Owl)

I heard that in diamond arena Cyprian and Boril tanks are not that really competitive any longer.

Also saw Khagan as tank.

Still learning.Thx.

Only if you can max him. Flank him with powerful slow heroes work really well.

Khagan…for sure.

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