Team adivce

Red: grazul
Blue: boril,sonya,grimm
Green cardamon, skittleskull
Purple: proteus,tibertus,cyprian
Yellow: wu kong, li xiu, dozamboro

What should I level for a good balance

Are you looking for a raid defense team? General use team? Do you have materials to ascend them all the way?

For general use, I’d say:

Caedmon, Boril, Grazul, Cyprian, Li Xiu

swap out Li Xiu for Wu Kong on tough map battles

I love Danzaburo myself, he gets quite tanky and works well as a wild card flank.

I agree with this assessment.

Caedmon-Boril-Grazul-Cyprian-Liu Xu

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Red: Grazul is clearly your only option, so I’d go with her

Blue: Grimm is the best of those to level first, being an awesome defense down hero. Would do Sonya next for a fast dispel. Boril last

Green: Caedmon first for fast dispel (always handy) and Skittles last

Yellow: Wu Kong because he’s crucial to bring in vs all titans for that tile buff. Would do Li Xiu next for mana control and a decent defensive tank. Danza after (too unpredictable to depend on, but 2/3 of his SS are amazing)

Purple: Proteus first for sure; mana block is one of the best SS in the entire game - useful everywhere. Tiburtus next for another defense down hero in purple (always handy for raids and titans). Cyprian last (I don’t value counterattack a whole lot)


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Grazul, Grimm, Caedmon, Wu Kong and Proteus
And then Boril, Tiburtus and Li Xiu

Grazul for sure

If you want a rainbow D, li is clearly better over Wu… but you’ll use Wu a lot longer than you will li so you may want to just deal with a non optimal hero for a while until you get them both maxed… or get a better yellow. I’d imagine li and grazul would be a bad pairing on defense.

Caed is clear winner. I wouldn’t maxed skittle until you have no other green projects.

Blue is tougher… I think you need more speed on defense so I’d max Sonya over Grimm. Although both should be maxed.

Purple… if you max Grimm first in blue, i’d max pro in purple. If you go Sonya, I’d say tibs over pro.

If you have the mats for Grazul, great!
Otherwise, any 4* kicking around?

First things first - Proteus is one of the very best 4* everywhere but defence and will last to the end. Automatic thought is do him first.
Tibertus also useful through to endgame, Cyprian a low level tank and not much else.

Blue: Grimm is great… Glass cannon, but so so useful.
Could consider Sonya, but caedmon is a better version in a colour you’ve got no other options in. Boril is defensive, great sticking power but not real useful outside defence.

Green: as said, Caed all day long.

Yellow: li is underrated in defence, but Wu will give you a chance in events and attacks earlier than you might otherwise… And he’s a titan MVP.
Wu first, then Li. I regard danza as a luxury, he’s not bad but he’s not essential.

So for me… Grazul for red (unless 4* not mentioned?), Grimm blue, Caed green, Wu yellow, Proteus purple.

This makes a good all-round team - it’s weakness is defence, but in terms of playing and enjoying that comes later as a priority.

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