Teaching Alliances

Kindred Hearth , no rank or level required
line is required
djtoja if you want to contact on line

Together we’ll win…we have spots open and are friendly for new and experience players.


This alliance will give you the intermediate training you need to play with the big dogs.

This is the sister alliance of Helios (ranked 51 global as of today)

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Here is the recruiting thread:

Real Crew II - brand new low level training sister alliance to Real Crew.

I’ve been training new players for nearly 3 years and truly enjoy helping folks learn the ropes.

Willow’s World is the right place for players with 4k main teams and 6 war teams to come to learn more about the game.

Willow’s Dynasty is a great place for any level player but especially new players to soak up all the tips and tricks We’ve gathered over the years.

If interested, feel free to contact me here or on LINE (medusaeyes111)

At WatchKeepers we love this game and want to help starting players. Some of our experienced WatchKeepers swept the old clubhouse, cleaned up the garden and started writing training materials. So if you are looking for a head start with a good team of teachers and a helpful alliance, join us! We promise to only yell at you a little during your WatchKeepers Boot Camp .

Team Nine is a new training alliance offshoot from Team Ten.

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