Teaching Alliances

Knights of the Cross. We teach, encourage and help each other. We welcome players of all levels. Currently fighting 8* Titans.

Students of the Fog is our new training alliance. Taking on new players and when you’re ready you move on up.

Our main alliance is Riders of the Fog, looking for level 30+ Check us out!

We just gutted a :ghost: alliance! All are welcome (except ghosts)

This is a good place for players of all skill levels to learn how to fight (wars, raids, titans).

I used a 3608 raid team to win 3010 trophies & a global rank of #1—so can you!!!

Sky Leaders: the best alliance in the world!

Put your recruiting add in Alliance Recruitment and periodically comment on it to bump it up

DawgPound is an active, growing alliance seeking learners and mentors. 400 cup minimum, prefer at least level 20. Titans and Line app required.
The leader and co-leader have significant game experience, and the group was founded so other players do not make the same common mistakes they made before finding alliances that offered guidance to new players (and to give players a place to grow their alt accounts). Let us help you improve your game enjoyment any pay it forward by maybe saving you some money! Find us on Line by searching TitanLiz.

DawgPound is a growing teaching alliance design to help new players who are trying to learn. Search us if you’re at least 400 cups by now.

+Knights of the Cross+ (formerly Knights of the Cross) is a teaching alliance where everyone shares strategies & supports the alliance as a whole. We have an average of 90% participation in Titan battles & wars, so you must be an active, daily player. Invite only - either ask questions here or let us know a bit about you when you request an invite!

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Poseidon’s warriors is a teaching alliance. We are flexible, friendly and easygoing. Only requirement is participation.

Ghoul for the Skifted - we are very helpful and supportive. All the players are active. Only participation in the war is mandatory.
We are open for new players who wants to learn and grow :slight_smile:

WatchKeepers Novice :

We are a guild and as such dedicated to training new players and to help players with some experience grow faster. Are you highly competitive and ready for a daily round at our titan boot camp? Join us for your training period at Novice and move up to our higher alliance when you are ready.

Titans: 5-6* – Min 3 Hits Per Titan
War: 6 Flags if opted in

Daily Activity
No minimum TP required
No minimum cups
Willingness to learn

Line app highly recommended.

Come join Ravens of Winterfell - 4 spots remaining. Be part of the King of the North family of 5 alliances. Draw from a wealth of experience but most importantly - support to grow, and potentially move into our more competitive sister alliances.

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