Teaching Alliances

RisingSun. is the training alliance for top 100 Alliance DarkMoon. Players of all levels are welcome to join it. See details below:

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Magnificent Jr Bastards is now MB Ascendant
And the teaching /Training Alliance for MB is now
MB Foundation.
MB Foundation is currently open for recruitment . We provide advices and tips for all active newbies and new players. And you get to be promoted up through our ranks as you get stronger.

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New training alliance here - “Followers of the Way”. We have an evangelical Christian identity and are looking to slowly and intentionally grow our ranks. Christians with 200 cups will be allowed to join and figure out if you’re a good fit.

We have a very active and engaged leadership
We will happily train people in wars and titan strategy - we’re even more interested in retaining you!
We value teamwork and commitment above anything else. That means we use our flags - all of them every time. We are human, and we understand things happen. If you know you will be absent for a war please “opt out”. Routinely missing titan hits and war battles is not being a team player.
We have a strong Christian identity - this may or not be your thing. If it isn’t, we will not be a good fit for you.
We are small. We will grow when we grow. We want quality players, not merely numbers. If you are experienced and want to bring your skills into a new alliance and seek a position of leadership, now is the time.
WE WIN WARS - usually by a wide margin. The reason we win is because everyone follows plans. Being small and cohesive means we are extremely effective in PvP.
Your level doesn’t matter to us - bring your commitment and we’ll craft you into an effective player!


We’re recruiting and we take care of new members!
[GLOBAL TITAN SLAYERS. One upcoming vacancy]

The wife and I five months old levels 31 and 30 cups is 1600+ and 1700+ 40 + roster, 5 to 9 fully assended, none maxed. We have just enough knowledge to qualify for holiday inn express. ie. dumber than rocks. We love the game and want more, looking for a “participating” alliance.

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@nailbender61 Look at MB Ascendant. We should have room for both of you. Tell em Pinks sent you

The Insurrectionists family of alliances has an alliance for beginners called Insurrectionists School. We have many top players in our alliance. Come join us and learn from the best!

Hi, I have been looking for the last hour for a helpful alliance. I love the game I think I slept 3 hours the last few nights total lol. I see the MB Foundation is full. Could you steer me in a direction?
I keep finding dead alliances and would like to be in a group who helps a newbie out. Thank you

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Check out The Battle is won. We have a couple spots open and a great community.

Hi, I did just check yours out you all are far and above me. But if you wouldnt mind I’d like to join. I dont know what line app chat is but I learn quick and fast. I made some major goofs at first and now after reading until my eyes were squinty and blurred I saw the error of some decisions eek!
Thank you and if you decide no, that’s ok!

Titian Executioner (low-level) and Titan Dreadlords (mid-level) are both training alliances for Titan Apocalypse.

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Thank you :smile: so much I will check that out.

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Hi, KlapChas . Glad that you are interested in us MB Foundation . Yes we are currently full. But we will be promoting some members up to our sister alliance soon. So if you are ok to wait , join us after sat war .

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we are only a small alliance but we are chatty and like to help people move up

Yes, I’m fine with waiting. Thank you!

@KlapChas we will have a couple of openings by tomorrow, as we are promoting a couple players from Foundation to Ascendant.

(When looking for us in game just type A.T.C. with periods after each letter)


@KlapChas We have a spot open now

Reminder from much earlier in the thread:


Knights of the Cross is a friendly, active mentoring alliance open to new & experienced members who want an encouraging environment. Come check us out!!!

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