Teaching Alliances

1738 Alliance takes rookies and veterans. We have openings. Just search for “1738” in alliances.

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Translation (French): Hello.
We are the l alliance de guerriers and we accept each player at his level. It helps to evolve. Only request to participate in titans and wars and prevent if we are absent. All the world help good atmosphere.

_(Parlant français)

Tyrs Tusser and Tyrs Troll are teaching alliances for Norwegian players. Tyr Empire

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Phönixasche (we are a german speaking alli)

Pet Project - exclusively for new players (cca below level 20)

Helios: Turtle Farm is the training & teaching alliance for Helios.

When you feel you are ready & want a challenge, we offer promotion to Helios.

Collateral Damage
Line ID: Difsgirl for any questions


A hammock and mai tai awaits you.
-Strong core of active, mid-tier members
-Roleplay optional. Fun encouraged.
-No drama. No trolling. No stalking.
New players welcome. We will train you.

The time zone and\or nationality of alliance would be useful as well.

MegaManaMen Leader: Taz

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Triple Moon is for totally new players. Small, open to all as long as respectful.
Also have a Discord channel that can be used

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The German Alliance “Elite Bieraten” is open for everyone. Come join us and grow with us!

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Errant Light
We are a medium strength team (4-6* titan level) with no trophy requirement. We have a very active and helpful chat board and we are very team focused.

We also take beginners. Come and grow with us


Holy Wolves - We all try to learn and help one another as much as possible. Thanks for this thread NPNKY

Currently hitting 6-7* Titans. 200 trophy minimum.

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Titan-hunters used to be a great teaching alliance with multiple 3000+ people helping build and develop their team… Now however you need 800 trophies… you should be able to join with a team of 2500+ which is still achievable fairly quickly

The Cheshire Cat

ZERO ORIGINS is recruiting. Search Origins.