TC20 was unnecessary

CT20 was unnecessary. with so many better heroes every day at every event call. it’s not worth the waiting time

I’m thinking you mean TC20 not sure what CT20 is? Changed your thread title just in case. :wink:

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My Joon I just pulled last week disagrees.
As does my Magni.


If you mean TC (training camp) 20, I couldn’t disagree more. Although many HotM and event/S2/S3 heroes are better and there are costumed versions of several of the TC20 heroes, TC20 still improves you roster a lot.

Many of the classic heroes are still pretty awesome, even without costume. Moreover, it’s by far the best source of 4* and 5* heroes for F2P and even many C2P


I completely disagree. TC20 is good way for F2P or C2P players to get some 5* S1 heroes. Not everyone can or are willing to spend money on the game .


TC20 is the richest source of 5’s for free to play in the game. There are heroes from it still relevant in today’s meta. It’s absolutely necessary.


So does my 2x Joon and 2x Lianna , that I only got them from the TC20. :slightly_smiling_face: Never pulled them from my other summons. :thinking:And I do spend money on this game.


Joon, Lianna, Magni, Marjana, Vivica, and Sartana are just a few of still pretty darn good heroes accessible out of tc20.
Advent of the costumes has also made them somewhat comparable to the power creep that is occurring (I pulled joons costume at the 1st portal so when “actual joon” came out of tc20 I was beyond stoked)
Plus, you can snag any of the s1 4 stars which are still phenomenal: Caedmon, Rigard, Sonya, Kiril, Grimm, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, etc.
If you’re free to play or recently very c2p(like myself) tc20 is totally worth a shot.


Totally agree with @Raghadorn
It would be impossible to be competitive as a f2p or even c2p without at least one TC20


I started playing in September 2018. I started running TC20 in February 2019, and ran 2x TC20 since March 2019.

5-star Heroes I got from TC20 that were useless to me:
Quintus x3, Horghall x2, Domitia, Thorne (duplicate)

5-star Heroes I got from TC20 that I leveled up and used:
Maxed: Vivica, Joon, Thorne, Magni
3-70: Elkanen, Richard, Sartana, Elena

There were a lot of useful 4* and some 3*… and in the meantime a lot of 3* and 4* feeders along the way.

BUT… just a couple of days ago, I dropped back down to running just 1x TC20 and switched the second one over to a full-time TC11 because it will generate roughly 7x the feeder XP of the TC20, and there aren’t a whole lot of TC20 5* that would be beneficial to my roster now. I’d like to get Marjana, basically… no others needed.

Other key heroes I got from various gem pulls via Atlantis and other portals:
PURPLE: Kunchen, Ursena, Proteus x5
YELLOW: Malosi, G.Jackal x3, Gretel
BLUE: Frida, Vela
GREEN: Telluria, Lianna, Hatter, Brynhild, Hansel, Buddy, Shrubbear
RED: Grazul, Mitsuko, G.Falcon, Wilbur

I don’t regret using TC20, I was very excited when I first got started using it, but I’ve now reached a point where the primary reason I’m going to keep one camp running at TC20 is food storage… and on the off chance Marjana will pop out of it someday, that’d be cool, too. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Yes, I dropped back to one after a while as well. But I must just say that Quintus with costume is not bad, not sure you’d want three :rofl:


May I ask if you’re ftp or c2p /p2p?

Just curious to compare, cause I started more or less the same time you did… October 2018.

And I agree about TC20. When you got all the good heroes, there is no need anymore except for food storage, as you say. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to many players (not only ftp) at least for a certain amount of time.

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I agree with you. but even for new players today, making the summons is to have a much better chance of getting better heroes, make a test and create a second game for you as you evolve much faster without having the TC20x

If you pay for summons maybe. But if you are FTP, free summons are rare…

I told about this post to my 2x Magnis, 2x Joons, 2x Sartanas and Vivica… They just laughed :man_shrugging:


Going to cross-post from another thread because I think the role of TC20 is largely based on how much one spends & how much one summons:

When you spend many $$$ on summons, the whole of TC20 is unnecessary… Or when you’re a REALLY late game F2P or C2P player & have heaps of unlevelled 5* heroes…

If however you are new or a C2P or F2P player, you probably RELY on the TC20 for most of your 5* heroes… So for those players, TC20 is absolutely necessary.


This discussion looks similar to another one. Useless level 20 training camp

I agree with the opinion that for f2p and c2p TC20 is a most reliable source of 5* heroes.

However, there are suggestions to extend Training camp and introduce Season 2 heroes to it.


Imo TC20 us total waste of time and resources. After 150 pulls without single 5*, gave up on that broken stuff, without single regret.
With my acuall odds, i can live with fact, that by leaving TC20 behind, i might miss one 5* i could prolly use in next 12 months. That hero will come up as summon result most likely anyway.

Why ya gotta bring me into this? Lol

Even if the heroes you can get from it were irrelevant, which is very disputable, the food storage trick moving from TC20 to TC11 is an extremely valuable way to get large quantities of food quickly for training or emblem swaps, and would make it worth having anyway.


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