Tc20 Upgrade

For many long term players, Tc20 is already exhausted and offers nothing new we do not have. Many have bad luck and can’t summon new heroes so have to rely on training camps. Spending gems on multiple seasons of heroes, events, and costumes is too much. If that is the cost to remain competitive in the game then many will walk away in my opinion. To retain the interest of all and to keep the game exciting I propose to incorporate previous season heroes into a Tc20, advanced Tc20, or hero academy. Hopefully many of you agree with me.


This is not a new idea but is still a very good one. :+1:

There have been plenty of similar suggestions about TC 20 upgrade. I am sure this topic will be merged with another excisting.

But to the point - many people will agree with you, personally i am a supporter of this idea as well. But then a lot of people won’t agree, because they have spent tons of money getting some of those heroes we will have the chance to get for free. And i can understand both point of views.


Hero academy was designed for this purpose. However, the development seems to be forever long. I guess SG worries it will hurt the cashflow.

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To that point though they also charge you for a Regular summon which you can currently get from Tc20. Also the big spenders get the early access to heroes while the rest would have to wait for the next season to drop.

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I think this is a great idea tbh. As someone who has spent their fair share of money on this game I don’t have any issue with the f2p or c2p players getting a shot at older season heroes. We have so many people at the verge of burnout from this game simply because it’s been over 2 years and nothing has really changed we need to keep some hope alive.


Well said @Ninjanico, and in the long run by increasing the availability of premium heroes would also open up new horizons on heroes creation as way more and more counter would be available for the masses with a rooster limited to core heroes.

Fully agreed. I’m tired of throwing money at this game and getting nothing in return. I’ve spent over $100, and people tell me “that’s chump change, you need to spend a lot more than that if you want the good heroes.” Really? Because if that’s the case… this game can kiss my…


Sorry. I’m trying very hard not to go there. But that’s pretty much how I feel right now. I know the devs need to make money, but I feel like I’ve already given them more than enough. It’s time for them to return the favor.


I agree with you Dunk. I do most of my pulls during atlantis. I’ve spent way more than I care to remember(please don’t let my wife find out) and never have pulled a former HOTM. Only 1 5* atlantis hero (atomos). I want to get the season 3 heroes but don’t want to blow the cash because I never pull anything but food. I’ve also pulled during events and have yet to receive a 5* event hero. For someone that spends easy $200 or more a month, this is rediculous…


I agree Dunk, the stupid odds are making me want to spend less money on the game, not more. At the very least they could make S2 heroes available in the Epic Hero Summon gate once S3 is released.

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Have to agree here. As a C2P player I have avoided the spending burnout that many feel by my duration playing the game (16 months). The reason I choose to commit my time to this game rather than others is because there is the sense that if you are patient enough you can achieve what big spenders do, just more slowly.

I understand there has to be hero inflation over time to compel those who are willing to spend to win to continue spending. However when the day comes that it feels like the game is trying to wring money out of me just to remain competitive, I will cancel my VIP andmove on to another game that allows me to have fun while remaining C2P.

Yes I’m agree with opinion too. I have spend money to the game and I don’t get something inresting. But I could continue spending money to the VIP or something like valor. But this game must have renew option of f2p interest too. It’s look like the game going to just paying option and in this case I want to come out from the game.

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